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Comment what's everyone hiding? ;-) (Score -1, Troll) 426

i fully realize m$ is spying on me, as does apple, etc., but in all honesty, if i had anything to hide i wouldn't be on the net in the first place. i was told many years ago that using the net was equivalent to sending a postcard. so, if i have something 'confidential' to communicate to someone i will do so by other means than via the net. at the end of the day the average joe doesn't care (that is, even if he knows he's being spied on), and M$ et al can waste all their resources analyzing my net usage as much as they like cause i really don't care. as for all this talk of linux, etc., it would be all well and good if there were 'pro' applications i could use (eg. nle), but since there isn't, i can't.

Submission + - alternative to igoogle? (protopage.com)

ushere writes: well we all by now are aware that i google is about to disappear...

i'm sure there's many here who don't even know what it is given its simplistic nature, but that said, there's a great many people i know (especially older, less computer literate) that love being able to have everything up front when opening their browser.

i've been looking at protopage, but would love to read of other alternatives please....

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