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Comment Re:Um.... (Score 0) 948

You can always go to Slashdot if you're looking for somebody talking out of their ass. There are dozens of DE's/window managers now, GNOME and KDE being the only ones which were foolish enough to set up their own system of libraries, which is, in reality, a huge pain in the ass, since so many programs are developed exclusively for one. I like to being able to switch window managers without even rebooting, meaning your "solution" creates far more problems than it causes for me.

Comment Re:tl;dr and some style notes (Score 0) 105

Joyce provokes the reader into encountering truths that they are otherwise distant from - whether these are truths in the versatility of artistic expression (which, for some, is understood as overly complex or even pretentious writing) or truths about life as a whole. Hence, you will find, as a whole, people that enjoy Joyce are usually pretty smart. I can't be much more specific without writing a few pages.

Comment Re:Games (Score 1, Insightful) 1365

Lots of crap here. Everything in Linux is sure an 'add-on,' but the kernel itself isn't a bloated piece of crap, and users have the choice of what to add on. 'Most mouse software' is clearly a guess - I don't think I've ever seen that myself. Firewalls aren't nearly as bloated on Linux as in windows, as iptables is built right into the kernel, and streamlined like crazy. The reason DirectX compatability isn't done on Linux is because of the plethora of bullshit legal mechanisms erected to destroy Microsoft's competitors. The reason Linux has (basically) no virii is not only because of its low market share, but because it's inherently secure, and requires permissions to do system-vital tasks. Unless you're running every application you open with sudo, in which case you're an idiot. Installing packages on some distros is just as easy as on Mac OS X, even easier sometimes (can you type yaourt -S gedit? see how easy that was?). The reason things like BluRay can't be played yet is because of proprietary limitations. The dealbreaker for me with using Windows was the knowledge that I had no idea what code was running on my computer, and no control over most of it. That is absolutely unacceptable. I'll put up with shitty drivers, quirky software, whatever, to get away from that alone - not that these issues are even that prominent for me at this point. The only problem with the laptop I'm writing this on is the shitty ATI drivers - every time the card overheats, my screen goes into 'color bars' mode - but this is the ONLY problem with my computer. Next time I reboot, I'm switching to the open source drivers, with the knowledge that they'll progress faster than the proprietary ones. I've used both operating systems my whole life - but I'm not going back to Windows on my home PC.

Comment Re:On the Contrary (Score 0) 148

Firefox is unstable on Linux, as best as I can tell, only because of either extremely poorly written add-ons or (especially) the Flash plugin. Personally, I prefer Links in graphics mode, since I like my webpages more often without a lot of flashy bullshit.

My concerns with Chrome stem mostly out of the massive privacy concerns, hence the brilliance of the NSA comment. 'Anonymous mode' is no substitute for customizability. My Firefox doesn't leak referrers, can get plugged into Tor with ease, doesn't run scripts unless I tell it to, and has the Web Developer plugin. Meanwhile, Chrome is doing shit like reporting back all the websites I visit to a centralized database.

Use your damn heads.

Comment Re:Really Germany? (Score -1) 580

Excuse me, but isn't playing paintball in any sort of situation where cover is provided essentially identical to a combat situation in every way except how the gun fires? Do you not have to remain stealthy when possible, find cover when available, camouflage yourself, and anticipate your enemy's moves?

This is not to say, of course, that banning paintball will reduce violence in any way. In fact, that's the stupidest goddamn thing I've ever heard. Letting people play paintball encourages them to play paintball. If you want a reduction in violent crime, why don't you fix the broken economy so people don't have to rob stores to eat?

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