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Comment Nice job . . . (Score 5, Insightful) 421

. . . . . . reminding us that those buying IoT devices don't own anything useful, and that your f**cking GARAGE DOOR OPENER could be dependent not only on Internet connectivity but the continued willingness of a service provider (Garage Door Operation As a Service--GDOAAS?) to provide service, at whatever cost they deem fit. I'll leave my light bulbs, refrigerator, door locks, garage door opener, and thermostat off the Internet, thank you very much.

Comment Re:It's his own fault (Score 1) 248

Given his status as a multimillionaire and international playboy, it is unsurprising that Mr. Clampett takes a more cosmopolitan approach to politics, especially given his extensive elementary education (to the sixth grade) and his exhibition of other markets of social sophistication. This is in contrast to the eccentric liberalism espoused by his sister, Elly May, who was reputed to have never worn shoes in her Beverly Hills home to illustrate the plight of the backwoods unfortunates who could not afford them due to regressive economic policies such as those advocated by the local bank president, Mr. Drysdale.

Comment Re:I've been predicted that (Score 1) 415

Doesn't job sharing help dodge the ACA mandate (e.g. two 20 hour per week employees won't trigger mandatory health insurance coverage, but one 40 hour per week one would, oversimplifying away rules regarding number of employees overall)? I'm surprised this hasn't caught on just so cheap-ass businesses can get away without providing health coverage to their employees.

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