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Comment Android in a car? (Score 2) 203

We see reports here is exploits like this or RSC Android last week (Link), the reports more than 99% of all mobile malware targeting Android (Link) etc., and it makes me wonder... Why would anyone trust a vehicle running Android?

If your phone stops working you can get another one (less than 1% of mobile malware targets Apple iOS, Windows and Blackberry combined), if your car stops working or gets hacked, it can kill you. Just wait until the first time the brakes are not available until you pay the ransomware (Link) money.

Disclaimer: I am the user of an old dumb phone, it is not very smart...

Comment This is what I did... (Score 1) 557

We built a two story farm home several years ago and I 'tried' to plan ahead. Hard with tech, but I tried.

The center closet is a wiring closet. Switches, Access points, wiring points, etc. The top half if hardware, the bottom half is standard closet. All items are fanless and there are louvers on the door for air cooling. Heat has never been an issue.

I pre-wired the house with multiple RG-6 cables for our satellite tv (We live away from town) with multiple outlets in the rooms
I wired the house with CAT 6 cables
(I wish I could have done fiber back then)
Outlets in the room alternate circuit breakers. If a breaker trips, only half of the outlets lose power.
Built in several wire paths for surround sound setup. If the furniture is rearranged, the speakers can move and there are no cables running along the floor or walls
There are speaker lines run through the house, the 'main' stereo system can provide entertainment to several rooms

The walls have several wiring boxes on them, but it is SO WORTH IT.

We do have a small home 'windmill' for power generation. It is pre wired to the well pump for water in a power outage, the refrigerator and our four freezers (home grown beef, pork, goat, chicken, turkey, lamb plus halibut and salmon from fishing) and frozen veggies can be connected when needed. We have a "clean" burning wood stove for heat and cooking. Outside lighting around the house and paths around the barn are solar powered low voltage lighting runs

Good Luck

Comment Re:Eh... (Score 1) 108

Um, a little negative aren't we?

I know people who play vanilla Minecraft and love it. No games have the "social aspect of the servers", modifications or plugins you mention at launch. Give them time. Maybe it will be better, maybe not, but let them try first...

When the full version launches next year (in the article) we can talk about requirements and OS support then.

Comment I did it... (Score 1) 588

I was talking to my doctor on a regular visit and said I wanted to do a low carb/paleo type diet. We did some blood work for some before numbers. A year later I had lost 62 pounds. The only thing I changed was what I ate. I was active before, but could not get the weight off.

My blood pressure went down.
My overall cholesterol went down, good stayed the same, bad plummeted.
Triglycerides plummeted.

~~~~I have a very happy doctor now.~~~~~

The hardest part? Eliminating rice and most pasta.
The best part? Never being hungry. I could eat as much as I wanted.

I should add that I live on a farm. I can eat naturally raised beef, goat, pork, lamb, chicken (and eggs) and turkey (and eggs). I also like to fish. We work with neighbors and trade for veggies. Not buying processed foods has saved A LOT of money.

Say what you want about the study, but it worked for me and I'll never go back

Comment Re:hahaha! (Score 1) 932

So we reward the criminals for coming across the border? No. We make is harder for them to live here. Use our resources for our citizens and those who are here as legal residents. Illegals cost my state over a billion dollars in what we receive in revenue from them compared to what we spend on them. That is a billion dollars that is not used for our schools, police/fire, roads, inspections, certifications, wildlife preservation/regulation, etc., and even to govern... Those who are here legally deserve the assistance, those who are here illegally do not.

Make crime worse? Criminals (the illegal immigrants) come across the border and then suddenly start following the law? They broke laws to be here, so there is already an established contempt of the law. Yes, illegal alien criminals may ~continue~ to violate the laws and increase the crime rate. If we lower the number of illegal alien criminals in the country, we could lower the crime rate. Let them legally care for themelves in THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

If they want to live here, there are proper processes to follow for visitation, residency, or citizenship.

Comment Re:hahaha! (Score 1) 932

You ask me if violating the law is okay if the end result is cheaper prices. I'll humor you in that I'd believe that yes, it is okay if the circumstances warrant it. If the alternative is food that costs thrice what it does currently and the laborers that process that food can't even afford to buy it, then I'm all for violating the law.

And I am for following the law. If they law says that it is okay to hire people that are violating the law by being here, then that is a different story. Right now it is illegal for them to be here - regardless of the effect on our prices. Laws can be changed if needed, I don't think that one needs to be.

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