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Comment IPad future as a new game machine (Score 1) 750

In 4/7 games section, there is discussion of the future iPad coupled with iPod and iPhone to make a great new gaming machine for those who did not know they needed one. The iPad might be a good platform. As developers put in new apps to use multiple iPods/iPhones as game controllers with public info on the iPAD, I hope against hope that my old time favorite games like the Atari 800's FIRST FOUNDER and warfare games, where you could not see your opponents moves or actions till they show up in public view would be naturals. Previous online war games will be possible in person instead of remotely via offline methods. (wife and I use iPods for Amazon and public domain reading wherever we are.)

Comment iPods and iPhones as game controllers on iPADS (Score 1) 94

Wow. This brings back memories of the old Atari 800 games that used four plug in controllers to play. I remember one of their greatest was a four player game FIRST FOUNDER. Very competitive bidding game where no one knew what the other players would do each turn that accounted for hours of fun in the old days. I could see how a porting of some of the war games onto iPAD with such controllers would also be a big hit. I would spend the money to get such a system and await one of the iPADs with AT&T internet connection later this spring. (We now own a 32GB and 64GB iPod touch between my wife and I enjoy reading Amazon & public domain books on it where ever we are as we voyage on our boat)

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