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Comment Good for them. (Score 1) 547

It's about time someone took those guys down a notch. The scenarios are so contrived that the draw such huge conclusions off of the smallest unimportant decisions. Then they claim that certain cars are crap because they don't compare to those 3x their price. It pisses me off how much they do for the entertainment value rather than trying to actually fairly depict the car they are testing. There certainly are plenty of defamatory statements that get made all of the time on the show.

Comment Not without compensation (Score 2) 997

I don't work more than ~45 hours per week unless it's my own fault that something is behind. That's because I'm salary, and overtime exempt. My priorities in life involve family being above work and the best way to show that is with time. Now if there is overtime, then I'd be happy to work more (to a point). Or if I owned the business and thus had an increase of profit with a greater expenditure of time investment, then I'd do so as well.
Input Devices

Submission + - Das Keyboard vs. Model M: fight! (techreport.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Can a newfangled clicky keyboard with a $130 price tag outdo the venerable Model M in terms of comfort and tactile feedback? The Tech Report got to the bottom of the issue in a thorough review of the Das Keyboard Professional, comparing the purported 'best keyboard on the planet' with IBM's old-fashioned classic. Which one comes out on top? The author says it's like picking between 'two slightly different flavors of delicious ice cream.'

Submission + - Intel's third-gen Classmate PC tablet previewed (techreport.com)

J. Dzhugashvili writes: As the OLPC organization cuts huge chunks of its staff, Intel has revealed its third-generation Classmate PC for kids in developing nations. The Tech Report has posted a hands-on preview with plenty of photos and a look at the machine's hardware and capabilities. Apparently, the new Intel netbook has plenty of perks, including a convertible tablet design with a stylus and 8.9" touch-sensitive screen, a 1.6GHz Atom processor, Windows XP, and 3.3-5 hours of battery life (depending on the model).

Submission + - 45nm Phenom II matches Core 2 Quad, trails Core i7 (techreport.com)

An anonymous reader writes: AMD is debuting its 45nm Phenom II processors today, and The Tech Report has already run them through a complete suite of benchmarks to see how they perform compared to Intel's latest and greatest. The result? The new 2.8GHz and 3GHz Phenom IIs are in a dead heat with like-priced Core 2 Quads, but they generally fall well behind Intel's new Core i7 chips. TR concludes that AMD's future doesn't look as bleak as some say, and future Phenom IIs could compete favorably with more affordable Core i7 derivatives.

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