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Comment Re:Don't believe the hysterics (Score 0) 577

"single discredited contrarian scientist " sources? Man you people are mean-spirited shits. I get modded a troll for 1 simple opinion and get bad karma. You set yourself up as an authority yet can't even bring non-attack based arguments and evidence for your argument. All you do is attack full of spit and venom and vitriol for anyone with a differing view. Show me big guy. You haven't sourced anything resembling a discredit to these people who are authorities on the subject (unlike you I assume but who am I to know? maybe you are getting your funding too). Man I tried to be civil. Well done on baiting me to the point where I blew up. Typical liberal attack dog tactics huh? Why do I even think we can still get along? It's obvious you brainwashed kiddies think anyone who doesn't agree is unworthy. Frak off or address what I posted about credentialed high-ranking scientists who think it's bullshit....

Comment Re:Don't believe the hysterics (Score 0) 577

*Sigh* Really didn't mean to start a flame-war, but wow. you guys are all so not even willing to talk about the issues. To debate civilly and kindly. It's sad really. This is why I think people on the Left are so not worth debating most of the time. It goes to a hyperbolic ragefest immediately. If you'd do a bit a of googling there are quite a few highly credentialed climate scientists who are not going along with the crowd. Here's one. http://flaggman.wordpress.com/2007/06/19/global-warming-is-a-bunch-of-hooey-legendary-professor-of-scientific-climatology/ There's more (including the top Harvard/Yale(?) climate scientist (can't remember his name right now and i'm very tired but you can google if you are even the least open-minded) who was basically ostracized by scientists being paid off by grants and more worried about getting their funding than facts.

Comment Re:Don't believe the hysterics (Score 0) 577

Wow. What a great open minded community. I get modded as a Troll for having a differing opinion. Reading through the comment replies, I'm wondering if the most ardent and viscous detractors even read the transcript. He was interviewing a knowledgeable and credentialed scientist. Despite the fact that there is some sort of universal thought amongst the loudest young and not well educated in critical thinking graduates of leftist teaching colleges and universities, that Global Warming (I won't succumb to the Left's attempts to control the conversation by changing words and definitions) is not a given by some of the leading scientists in the scientific community. Shouting down and mocking thoughtful conservatives and people who just don't swallow the Kool-aid isn't helpful to America.

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