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Comment LG G3 died within 18 months, will not buy LG again (Score 1) 78

Summary up front: off-topic, but -- I'd had strongly unsatisfactory experiences with LG G3 (D855) in terms of hardware reliability, accordingly I decided not to ever consider LG phones again.

There were three significant malfunctions during the 1.5 years of the G3's life; two of them were supposedly use-related by practically indicative of bad design (never happened to the same user, me, with a different phone in over a decade); the third and final one was the main board dying.

Since the first two failures occurred during travel out of the country where there was warranty, I had to go for the repair to a local repair shop; subsequently LG refused to honor their warranty on the motherboard, which means the phone was beyond economic repair after only 18 months of use.

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