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Comment Unfinished games = suck (Score 1) 462

The problem with this is that companies will see: "Sell unfinished games", "charge micropayments" and sell their unfinished game for $50, then charge you extra for the finished game. Then complain about piracy. I think anything that promotes selling an unfinished game is not a good idea. No one will want to buy a crap game and hope it'll get better when you finish and sell the rest of the content.

Comment They already sucked (Score 1) 833

Yep, now there's absolutely no reason to use the actual Blizzard forums. Blizzard employees already regularly review every major SC2 forum for comments, so just choose one of those. I, for one, now have no reason to ever post on Blizzard's forums and no growing desire to do so. This is just asking to get your forum's population pwn't. At least my full name is very common.

Comment it's not as easy as you think (Score 1) 773

Databases don't work with names well because it's really freaking hard even for a human sometimes. People have funky spellings, middle initials, sometimes full middle names, phone operators mis-type or mis-hear names, or assume a different spelling. People have accents which messes up people hearing names and bad handwriting which messes up people reading names. People have names that look like words that should be cleaned from names like "Mr. John Trust". While "Trust" should usually be cleaned from a list of bank trusts, it can't be cleaned here. Some people do last name first. You want to add another language and address standard in there, good freaking luck. As far as I know, doing data processing as a job, if you want good results, you MUST look at a very small percentage of an average database manually (maybe 0.01%-1% depending on how dirty your DB is). But for any global company, that could still be tens of thousands of checks you have to make and it will be very time consuming.

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