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Comment yep, I do vpn (Score 0) 349

thanks for the compliment lol! #no public ssh :P iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -i $INTERNET --dport 22 -j DROP PLUS I still use ssh keys, just in case. My fingers thank me because I no longer have to type the same thing all over again all day. My brain thanks me because I am no longer trying to remember a long password anymore (dont remember how long has it been since I no longer used passwords on public ports). YES, this is a lazy passphrase free key, so what! I am a cool kid and I can do what I want to haha

Comment walk arround, or move to small town (Score 1) 279

a body standing still all day is just plain wrong, ask any doctor how to fix that I recently moved to a small town because there is a lot of competition in the big city for the business I am investing in. I am currently writing this in my pajamas 8:30 am, this used to be the time AFTER I was rushing to work in the big city, I enjoy walking around more here, people smile and say good morning/afternoon/evening and the chicks love geeks who understand their smartphones need I say more? naaaa

Comment Whos the idiot that left a laptop in a car? (Score 1) 765

So what is the name of the idiot that left a laptop in a car? hahaha just a week ago a friend of mine left his laptop in a car while I carried mine with me, I was with him, he got a broken window and a stolen laptop, my laptop was safe with me, what to do? DONT LEVAE VALUABLES IN CARS you moron and go back to daddy for some more laptop money

Submission + - Are Microsoft bribed government tie-ins illegal? (

urbieta writes: "I work in IT for a local mexican private university, we have been sending student information to our government officials in old BDF format for years with the software they provide us, but the new version requires a "Microsoft SQL SERVER" to operate! and a license of course just to install the government`s software on our pc. I just found out, so my first thought is corruption, bribes, or complete incompetence from our government officials (yeah right!), so how do you suggest I start fending off this B.S.?"

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