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Comment Re:Too easy... (Score 4, Insightful) 170

I'm amazed you can exhibit such foresight from under that bridge!

I often scoff at marketing ploys, but game demos are a good thing. As long as this doesn't increase the price of the discs, this is more value for your dollar- it isn't as if you have to play the demo to watch your movie.

Now, just watch them bundle some highly anticipated game demo exclusively with some crap film- SURPRISE HOME MOVIE SALES HIT OF THE SUMMER!

Comment bad chair:( (Score 1) 460

I assume that I have one of the least ergonomic setups imaginable, but I figure that since I started with the OxyContin before my back begins to hurt, as long as I keep it up I'll never know!


Comment Re:Legalization (Score 1) 647

Technically, THC is a mild hallucinogen. If you want to feel its hallucinogenic effects, I recommend getting yourself a pollinating grinder or box, scoring a hefty amount of kief, and try smoking an entire bowl taken from some really good dank. Odds are if you don't live in California, Colorado, Oregon or Washington, you wont be finding weed good enough to warrant putting in a pollinator.

BUT! If you can find pot that good, I recommend the Space Case brand of grinders. They are amazing. If for some reason I was forced to give up all of my paraphernalia save for one, my space case would be what I keep. I love it.

Comment Re:Legalization (Score 1) 647

As far as pot goes, it isn't excreted in your saliva. Consequently, saliva drug tests can only score positives for pot if there is still residue in your mouth from the last time you were smoking, and even then only if it was relatively recent (a few hours). So, as long as they're using saliva for the test, they should not be able to pull positives when you aren't high. Now, if they had a curtain and a cup, that would be a different story.


"Back Door" Cheating Scandal Rocks Online Poker 427

AcidAUS sends us the story of an online poker cheating ring that netted an estimated $10M for its perpetrators over almost 4 years. The article spotlights the role of an Australian player who first performed the statistical analyses that demonstrated that cheating had to be going on. "In two separate cases, Michael Josem, from Chatswood, analyzed detailed hand history data from Absolute Poker and UltimateBet and uncovered that certain player accounts won money at a rate too fast to be legitimate. His findings led to an internal investigation by the parent company that owns both sites. It found rogue employees had defrauded players over three years via a security hole that allowed the cheats to see other player's secret (or hole) cards." The (Mohawk) Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which licenses the two poker companies, has released its preliminary report. MSNBC reporting from a couple of weeks back gives deep background on the scandal.
Wireless Networking

Researchers Identify Wi-Fi Dead Zones Cheaply 37

schliz writes "A new technique developed by HP Labs and Rice University could lower the cost of identifying 'dead zones' in large wireless networks. The technique '[combines] wireless signal models with publicly-available information about basic topography, street locations, and land use.' This enables Wi-Fi architects to test and refine their layouts cheaply before a network is deployed by focusing measurement efforts on areas that potentially could be dead zones. The technique requires only about one-fifth as many measurements as a grid sampling strategy."

Submission + - Free use of codecs petition (

Justin Breithaupt writes: "Some people say they don't think that this will work but we can't know unless we try.

Free use of codecs petition.

Instructions. Read this petition, Click the link above, and add the following as a reply to this topic.




Then please foward this message on. Then Click Here and digg it. We The People believe that anyone should have the right to play any Digital Media in the form of Music, Videos, or other content on any device in any format that we wish such as but not limited to DVD format using the libdvd codec, MP3 files with the lame codec, and Microsoft formated content using the win32 codecs.

Just because a company comes out with new proprietary codec to govern what devices can play their music, video, and other content does not mean that We The People should be restricted from viewing, listening to, or by other senses accessing the digital media or information we may have purchased or produced legally.

No entity should have the right to restrict how people should be able to access the data / media that they purchase.

We The People have certain inalienable rights. Being able to access our media with non-commercial software is a freedom that has been taken away from us by Micro$oft and other companies and devisions of the US Government such as the RIAA. The Government does not have the right to suppress freedom of speech or self expression in any way. By limiting the way that documented media or data can be accessed you are taking away the freedom of listening to free speech, the freedom of watching broadcasts, and of reading certain materials.

Please restore our rights and freedoms."


Submission + - Feds halt best medical practices program (

modapi writes: Even common medical procedures can have their success rates dramatically improved by having doctors use checklists. But the Fed's Office for Human Research Protections of the Department of Health & Human Services has halted the practice, claiming the checklists are actually "human subject research" requiring informed consent. ZDnet's Robin Harris comments

"Human subject research requires the patient's informed consent for good reason. But once a "best practice" is defined, asking patients if they want it is, in effect, giving them the option to accept substandard care. How would this work in the ICU? I can see it now: Researcher: "Ms. At-Death's-Door? I need your informed consent for some human subject research. We're requiring doctors to perform procedures correctly by using checklists. You can also opt for our standard level of ineptitude."

He includes contact info and a suggested letter for people who want better health care practice.


Submission + - Nintendo Wii Fully Exploited

Croakyvoice writes: The 24th Annual Chaos Communication Congress was the launchpad for the unveiling of the hacking of the Nintendo Wii via an exploit to allow homebrew to run in native Wii mode ( previously only Gamecube Homebrew was available on the Wii) which will allow access to the Wiimote, WiFi and SD Cart Slot. Tehskeen a Wii scene site has today posted an interview with the author of the exploit who has discussed the release to the public and linux amongst other things.

Submission + - Microwave Converts Waste to Fuel (

sterlingda writes: "Global Resource Corp's High-Frequency Attenuating Wave Kinetics (HAWK) recycler extracts oil and gas in seconds from most everyday objects like tires, plastic cups, as well as from shale, coal, and tar sands. Microwaves tuned to an optimum frequency separate the component parts which can be burned or condensed into liquid fuel, using only a small portion of the energy produced."

Submission + - Burma Shuts Down Internet 3

Hugh Pickens writes: "MIT Technology Review reports that in the aftermath of pro-democracy protests, Burma's military rulers have physically disconnected their country from the internet:

Last week — after images of the beatings of Buddhist monks and the killing of a Japanese photographer leaked out via the Internet — Burma's military rulers took the ultimate step, apparently physically disconnecting primary telecommunications cables in two major cities, in a drastic effort to stop the flow of information from Burma to the rest of the world. It didn't completely work: some bloggers apparently used satellite links or cellular phone services to get information outside the country.
One Burmese blogger reported last week that "Myanmar main ISP has been shut down by so-called "maintenance reasons" and most of the telecommunication services have been cut off or tapped. ""
The Courts

Journal SPAM: Judge Voids California Election Over E-Voting Flaws 177

A judge in Alameda County, California, has voided some election results after the e-voting tallies from Diebold machines couldn't be audited. The vote was on a controversial ballot measure addressing the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries, and the expected result was a close margin. Activists went to court to demand a recount, but elections officials had

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