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Comment Re:Giving everyone $2/day: (Score 1) 137

Food aid is a poisonous gift. You might feed a bunch of people, but it undercuts the livelihoods of local farmers, and just creates dependency on handouts. Disaster relief is one thing, but without a transition plan towards self sufficiency it is almost worse than nothing.

I saw a documentary about the aid industry in Haiti, and it was quite disgusting. Local builders and plumbers living in tattered tents without proper sanitation, just living on hand me downs from aid agencies whose interest was already focusing on the next disaster. Real aid would help the locals help themselves, not pay for aid industry fat salaries and materials manufactured in the donor countries.

Comment Please stick to facts (Score 1) 263

Website operators are responsible for moderating user content as you say. If someone posts libelous comments the owner must remove it.

There's no requirement to use real names or for operators to record them, however, which means there are plenty of nasty Slashdot-like cesspools. The trash talk is just between forum names, not real ones.

Comment Re:Sensational! (Score 1) 376

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's take on it.

What puzzles me is how is the NDA supposed to threaten other downloaders. They ought to take lessons from a despot on how to make an example, usually public hangings are public for a reason. The NDA is clearly there to keep a lid on their activities, because drawing the spotlight is bad for them.

Comment Re:Scandinavia, the great country! (Score 3, Informative) 376

You're right. Linguistically Finnish is totally unrelated, for example Swedish and Russian are closer to each other than Finnish is to either of them. However, Finland shares the same mix of politics, economics, culture and religion with other Nordic countries, which is distinct from other parts of Europe and the world.

Comment Re:A small percentage are veterans (Score 1) 525

I just wish they'd just get over it and go back home instead of trying to relive it over and over again.

Lessons of WWII? Europeans learned there there is no "ism" worth fighting over. The Yanks learned that sending their kids abroad to kill foreigners over the bogeyman du jour is good and something to be proud of. Strange how those bogeymen keep appearing. "Serving." "Protecting our freedom". Yeah right, those Iraqis were threatening US freedoms real bad, worth killing 100 000 civilians over.

Comment Re:South Florida independent voter here... (Score 1) 409

Iraq did not start a war against the USA. The US invaded Iraq on false pretenses, without a declaration of war. It broke international laws in doing so, and when a western democracy blew the whistle on it we got Freedom Fries. Hamburgers ought to be called gulliburgers in the rest of the world.

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