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Comment Old News With Smaller Error Bars (Score 1) 44

The really silly thing about the dust-up with AMS is that the PAMELA experiment (later confirmed by Fermi) made the exact same measurement and is credited with the discovery. AMS just re-did it with smaller error bars. Here's the original PAMELA paper from 2009: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v458/n7238/full/nature07942.html (preprint here: http://arxiv.org/abs/0810.4995 ) The dark matter interpretation isn't even new. All AMS has brought is smaller error bars.

Comment CO2 Emissions (Score 1) 562

It takes in hydrocarbons and oxygen and puts out energy? Am I a skeptic for thinking that this thing must be releasing lots of CO2? I cannot find any description of how it works. I have no doubt that it produces energy, but if it is producing gaseous CO2, it won't really help with the fundamental problem.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable (Score 1) 505

In the case of publicly-funded research, I'd first like to compel scientists to publish their work in a free-to-read format. Many journals do not make the articles available to the public. It seems a little wrong that public money goes to pay for research and then the results of the research -- the journal articles -- aren't available to the public.

Submission + - Final Draft of GPLv3 Allows Novell-Microsoft Deal (zdnet.co.uk)

famicommie writes: All of Novell's fingernail biting has been for naught. In a stunning display of forgiveness and bridge building on behalf of the FSF, zdnet reports that the final draft of the GPLv3 will close the infamous MS-Novell loophole while allowing deals made prior to continue. From the article:
'The final, "last-call" GPLv3 draft bans only future deals for what it described as "tactical" reasons in a 32-page explanation of changes. That means Novell doesn't have to worry about distributing software in SLES that's governed by the GPLv3.'

Comment Re:huh? (Score 1) 569

When doing some physics (like quantum field theory) it is useful to adopt unit conventions where c=1. Using this convention, space and time would have same dimension. How long a time is 12 parsecs? It's the amount of time it takes light to travel 12 parsecs. In this unit system, speeds are dimensionless which might explain: "She'll make .5 past light speed."

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