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Comment Really you expected better? (Score 1) 182

ok, so lets break down some issues.

30m people, 57% are over 15, so thats 17.1m

17.1m people, 28% over 15 are literate., so thats 4.8m

you have 4.8m people, 1.5m are on the internet, thats 32% of the population over 15 that can read are on the internet.

not bad really is it. Especially for an average income of $426/year, can you really expect better ?


Comment Re:not surprising, since there are few docs (Score 1) 280

few reasons, some NDA do not allow you to share any work derived from information in the datasheets. ie no open source. Another problem Ive encountered is the fact that many chips are not designed by the company selling them, companies buy the orig company to gain their IP alone, and dont care about the actual chipset anymore.

The saa7160 was orig designed by Phillips, then NXP took it over, they then sold it to Triden Micro, they are now bankrupt and in receivership. So the datasheets are lost forever, anyone that signed an NDA in the past do not have the right to distribute them, and there is no way to get a person to get a datasheet.

The CX24132/CX24117 were orig designed by Conexant, then sold the NXP which promptly stopped production, NXP only releases datasheets to products they sell to encourage sales (often they only release them along with the purchase order). Those datasheets are lost forever as well.

NDA's have many downfalls, its not as cosy as you imply


Comment Refresh rates and backlight PWM are unrelated (Score 1) 532

You do realize that right? The refresh rate is how often new data is sent to the pixels on the screen. The backlight is the led's that surround the edges of the screen. They are unrelated.

Most PWM controllers use a few 10's of khz upto a a few using low 100's of khz. If you look up the ramp up current of led's you'll see they arent instant on/off either, so your point is really moot on two cases.


Comment personal preference (Score 1) 312

I used to develop software for a living now I just do it for fun.

I used to use a laptop as well because I was to and from the office alot, probably 40% office, 40% home, and 20% elsewhere. I only actually used the laptop keyboard/video/mouse when I wasnt at home or office though. The rest of the time It was defn far better to have a full sized quality keyboard/mouse and two monitors.

One screen was for the IDE and the other is where the application ran, I found it alot easier to debug with this setup. But its personal preference.

There are literally wall mounts everywhere now days, all screens are VESA compatible mounts now days. You can goto walmart and buy them even.


Comment Re:Should Virginia settle with a "take back" offer (Score 1) 182

I agree, I think its pretty good of Cisco to offer this, especially since it does appear as if they did nothing wrong.

Its kinda like saying you won an ebay auction and later realized you paid 2x more then you could have bought it new, or more to this case, realized after winning the auction that you bought the top of the line model and could have been ok buying the economy model. Not the sellers fault here, its the buyers.

Ive worked under contract for the Canadian gov and its the same way, they send you a list of work to be done and you bid on it the entire project as is or not at all. You cant submit a bid that has changes to the project. Sometimes the specifications of the job are done in house or sometimes they are contracted out. But once the specifications are written and sent to tender, they cant be changed. especially by the bidder.

So basically this isnt a failure at Cisco, this is either a failure of the gov doing their own in house assessment of their needs, or if it was farmed out, then that company failed the gov when writing the specifications of the project.

In my experience the most f*cked up projects seem to come about then the project specifications requirements gathering is farmed out. Man I did some weird projects that took a massive amount of time just todo the simplest task.

Comment Or.... (Score 1) 107

They could stop making OS's that require you to use specific programming languages and go back to the desktop model that lets you program in whatever language you want to.

I write apps in Linux in C as well as C++, but Ive also wrote a few apps in Python. Others use Perl, Cobol, pascal, Java, asm and many others.


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