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Comment DRM needs to be talked about. (Score 1) 309

Too many people ignore it or brush it off - until it directly effects them. I think the
news and game media has been letting us down. There should be a greater knowledge and
dicussion of DRM, but there isn't. Why is that? The only recent article that even
approached 'mainstream' was a CNN *Opinion* piece.

I know a lot of people read game reviews. We need to start including 'What DRM this game has'
in each and every review.

It needs to become part of the common vernacular and lingo so that people start understanding what it is,
what it does, and why they may want to include it as part of their purchasing decision. I don't think
there is a realization of consumer rights being infringed, abridged or otherwise impugned. I don't think
there is a realization of that fact that the game *just might not work* due to flawed or bad DRM

This movement of knowledge has to reach a certain mass such that companies can make fiscal decisions based
on :

We lose X legitimate sales due to our DRM
We lose Y possible/maybe sales due to pirating.

Until X > (Y * (conversion of pirate to purchaser - certainly not 1:1)), this will only get worse.

Comment Re:As a COH player, I can believe that (Score 2, Interesting) 150

That's why I stopped playing. Statesman kept shifting his position on the powers and the modifications to the powers. Regen scrappers w/all the toughness and extra resist skills slotted fully were uber ... because no one bothered to run a particular scenario of :

"Gee, I wonder if I acted like a min-max character what kind of abuse of the system could I do?"

They nerfed Invuln tanks. They nerfed regen scrappers. They nerfed fire tanks. And then they nerfed everyone across the board with diminishing returns from SOs. (patch 4? 5?)

Welcome to the City of Mediocrity. Statesman observed you were being too heroic and awesome, and made sure that you sucked more. The nerfs hurt more in this game, because this was the game where you /were supposed to be awesome/. You're a fucking super hero!

Frankly, the most fun I ever had in CoH was the Crystal Cavern, where I pulled half the map as my fire tank. I felt like I had finally reached a pinnacle of my hero's power. I bet you can't do that anymore - which is a shame - because that was the most fun I ever had in CoH.

It's too bad MMO's optimize for keeping you around and paying, instead of letting you go nuts and have fun. You'd think someone would hit on the formula for the latter, which would beget the former.

Comment They've lost touch with the player base. (Score 1) 89

This is from their super big announcement. If you go and read the original thread, and talk to any actual Warhammer player, you'll see that all we care about is FIXING THE EXISTING GAME. There are bugs that have been reported since beta that are still in place. Classes that were revamped just before release and don't really work all that well.
The entire player community was waiting with baited breath for /fixes/ and /tweaks/ to make the existing content /work/.

The above post illustrates the total fail that is coming to Warhammer.

More content == More/New bugs + old bugs + less QA == FAIL.

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