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Comment Signs Of Political Ponerology And Pathocracy. (Score 1) 343

The way it is laid out like other posters have pointed out bringing up the above the people attitude, and equating a harmed human to harmed objects. It is all a part of the system of control and superiority these type of empathy-disordered people use to control and manipulate the masses with or they them selves are manipulated and controlled by someone else above them in the pathocracy to regurgitate some completely contrived problem. Welcome to the world run by the psychopathic personalities.

Comment External mind storage (Score 1) 385

With all the talk of not keeping things on phones. Maybe it is time to debate if these devices could fall under an external human memory that should have the same considerations to the contents of your mind. They can't just request the content's of your brain. 5th amendment. As more technology invades our lives the more these devices are turned into surveilance sources. Should they not be totaly encrypted and carry the same protections as or your brain. Just a thought, maybe wrong about it.

Comment Find the root cause not symptom treating. (Score 2) 237

I just lived through six years of chronic insomnia and went down the whole path of doctors and pills. What it turned out to be was a undiagnosed heart arrhythmia caused by a untreated infection which was exasperated by fluroquinalone which almost killed me. It just shows that Doctors just collect a paycheck and push what ever pills big pharma claims works.( it took 6 years and about $300,000 in medical bills and completely wiped out my financials and credit) After getting on propafenone for the arrhythmia for 1 year my insomnia went away and my arrhythmia has went away. I had to revamp my diet and get rid of all stress from work and sleep 8-10 hours a night and I have about made a complete recovery. A recent medical paper has shown that a messed up circadian rhythm can cause all kinds of heart problems. This study just shows how little doctoring and how much pill pushing is done. They should be trying to find the root cause of the problem instead of trying treat the symptoms so you can get back to your slave to the grind job that is killing you.

Comment Game theory in action. (Score 1) 274

If we would of listened to John von Neumann he would of preemptively nuked the Soviet Union to prevent the damn communists from getting a nuclear bomb; later, but since we didn't, he then invented the mutually assured destruction doctrine. When you combine the previous two sentences, it is not hard to guess that he would recommend we nuke the IPCC, Al Gore, and similar dangerous crap today, too.

One of his hobbies was to forecast weather. As a result, he has also designed a sophisticated project that could have efficiently raised global temperatures and make the world a better place: it was an ambitious project of a man-made global warming. He wanted to spread colorants on the polar ice caps in order to reduce the albedo and increase the absorption. ;-)

It seems that game theory especially evolutionary game theory is spot on when predicting global events beyond most peoples comprehension or theologies control.

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