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Comment Well duh! (Score -1) 458

I remember being bullied in grade school yes. But I also remember that there was something about being bullied that was far more infuriating than the bully: the school system. I swear to god my teachers and counselers were batshit crazy with their weird touchy feely advice: "Oh, try to emphasize with the bully. Tell him how you feel. Don't fight back." That wouldn't be so bad if it weren't enforced on me through the school rules! And you know what? The bully knew it. So he picked on me more. In fact, I remember the bastard even learning how to plausibly lie and get me into more trouble, and the fucking teachers believed him ("Oh that sounds like something you'd do"). And you know what? I've been depressed and angry ever since and very anti-social. Innocent until proven guilty MY FUCKING ASS.

So fuck yeah, stand up for yourself! Fuck the pansy ass fucking feel-good counselers! Fuck them for the pain!

/I'm sorry this is something I've been needing to rant on for YEARS
//This is what it was like in the mid 90's, it's probably a LOT WORSE now
///This is why it doesn't surprise me when emo kids want to slit their wrists and kill themselves.

Comment Anyone else worry about junk science like this? (Score -1) 507

Okay, so rats gorged themselves on fatty sugary food. Fine, but I worry when junk scientists try to equate that to hard drugs, because you just know sooner or later that will be picked up by someone who needs an excuse to ban this or that. How much do you want to bet within 4 years some politician will pick this up and use it to push a law banning some kind of fatty food? After all, this study says that they're addictive just like that evil cocaine!

Just a comment on the recent trend of lawmaking...

Comment Alternative theory (Score 0) 268

I think Microsoft is inflating statistics, but not by multiplying numbers.
Remember that physics site that Bill put up a week ago, powered by Silverlight?
I noticed that when playback is active, it generates random hits to an obscure URL that redirects to bing (and returns a transparent GIF). It caught my eye in LiveHTTP headers because the URL contained words like Flash, Adobe, Silverlight, Windows Media, DRM, etc. stuff that really shouldn't have been coming from the site. I suspect that when we all went to the site the JS was active and all the slashdotters inadvertently helped Microsoft pump up their Bing search hits. Oh and of course, stopping video playback stopped the search queries immediately.

This probably doesn't factor in Windows update changing the default search to Bing as well.

So divide the click through rate by maybe 3, or 5, and you'll get the true results.

Comment If I know public schools... (Score 0) 474

They'll teach ONLY the computer science part, to such a narrow degree that students come away from it with no idea how to connect the ideas to actual computer programming or computer anything (like what schools seem to do with math).

My other concern of course is whether this will be forced on students vs. being an elective. Most people I know wouldn't give a shit about computer science topics, so I sincerely hope they don't foist this upon everyone.

Sorry if I sound negative about it, it's just that I have no confidence in schools whatsoever.

Sharp's Tiny LCD Doubles As Scanner 69

morpheus83 writes "It's all of 3.5-inches but this LCD screen from Sharp features an integrated optical scanner that could be used to scan business cards, but also be used as a method for multi-touch input. The prototype was seen at the Ceatec exhibition. Possible uses include the ability to recognize fingers or other objects and as biometric lock on your phone. And since each pixel has a scanner it may as well be a multi-touch screen."

Submission + - Why are webmasters stupid about foreign addresses?

EWAdams writes: I don't know how many websites I've tried to register on that assume that I live in America. They demand that I pick a state from one of the 50 listed, and provide no alternative if I live elsewhere. They demand that I enter a ZIP code in exactly five digits, no letters allowed. (Canada and the UK use letters in their postal codes. Ireland does not use postal codes at all — the entire population of Ireland is less than that of New York city, so why bother?)

They demand that I enter a phone number in the form XXX-XXX-XXXX and no other. Sometimes they do this even when they provide a field to indicate that the country I live in is not the USA. The international standard format for a phone number is +[country code]-[city code]-[local number]. There are no guarantees about how long any of those will be in any given country.

What's this about? Are webmasters just routinely narrow-minded, blinkered, pig-ignorant morons, or is there some vast American conspiracy to pretend that it's the American Web rather than the World Wide Web? I'm not just talking about mom-and-pop operations here; some of the worst offenders are multinationals! I'm usually forced to resort to the telephone to straighten it out — a waste of their time, my time, and my money. What can be done about it? How does one get the message through to the idiot who programmed, and maintains, the site?

Submission + - Baby Vista is born, 5 pounds and 11 ounces

jollyreaper writes: File this under the category "Will parents never learn?" Naming your kid after an operating system. It'd be geeky enough if the kid was named Linux or OSX but no, this poor kid is named Vista. The proud father says: "Okay, first I know that most of you are reading this on the bus, at home, at work, and you're laughing. Some people are shocked and probably scratching your head why a nerd would potentially put their child through the slings and arrows of naming their spawn after an operating system. Hopefully by the time she's old enough for someone to make fun of her name, nobody will remember where it came from." He might want to ask Moon Unit Zappa about that.
Music Suspends Under Legal Pressure 348

Music publishers are stepping up their campaign to remove guitar tablature from the Net. Recently received a nastygram from lawyers for the National Music Publishers Association and The Music Publishers Association of America. These organizations want to stretch the definition of their intellectual property to include by-ear transcriptions of music. is currently not offering tablature while the owner evaluates his legal options.

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