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Comment filesystem or free document repository (Score 1) 187

This is so easy, I've been doing it since primary school. Mark your files with date YYYY-MM-DD-name. Put them in folders 1993, 1999, 2005, 2010, 2013 (.e.g.) Profit! In modern times I have used a Lexmark X560 all-in-one office machine to scan everything to a designated network drive. Works like a charm every time. I apply the backup policy of equal drives. So I buy a 3TB drive, and I buy another for off-site backups. Once everytwo month or so, I freshen the backup and verify it. If you need to do it a couple of notches more professional, apply the same backup policy, but use a document retention system, and store it in globally and industry standard PDF. There are many good document repositories that are free/as in beer.

Comment Keep them in the glove compartment (Score 1) 301

Put two or three in the glove compartment of your car. Keep them fully charged and with non-expired prepaid sim-cards. You never know when disaster strikes, and YOU need to make a call, out there on the road. All alone, and you forgot your current phone at home or somewhere else. In Norway, this can be the difference between life and death when out driving in blizzards (which we do often).

Comment Re:What's the best VPN that can be use _anywhere_ (Score 5, Informative) 138

I know TFA is asking what VPN service is best suited for ppl living in Australia

I happen to travel frequently, from the Americas to Europe to Asia (including Australia/NZ) to Africa, for business, and there are times I desperately need VPN that just works

I do not need a lot of GBs, but I do need security - which means, VPN which do NOT keep any log of my online activity

Can anyone recommend VPN services that can work in _any_ country in this world?

I suggest you take a look here. And that goes to all of you:

Comment eINK devices lack core features (Score 1) 415

I bought an ebook reader with eINK display back in 2010. It was an iRiver Story. The specs were fantastic: mp3/ogg/flac reader, stunning looks, great battery life, about 1 week, no sync software only MASS STORAGE. I loved the specs and the design philosophy. No synching apps, no effing iTunes, no Windows synch-tool. I felt that it gave me a lot of freedom, just like it is supposed to. It had an eInk screen - You know, those displays that are really comfortable to read on and doesn't wear out your eyes, and that you can read in bright sunshine, like on the beach. It was a 7" device with. I thought it would revolutionize my reading, but it didn't and I'll tell you why. I mainly rely on PDF files for my books for various reasons. The main reason is my university's scholarly databases provide .pdf's not reflow formats. Therefore I was so happy when I got a device that said on the box "supports PDF". Well it DID support PDF, but the single most important function of a PDF reader, is the ZOOM. PDFs are mostly different from each other, and one always has to ZOOM this way or that way. Zoom to fit screen, Zoom in, Zoom out and so on. Well this eInk device and most eInk devices others I have perused after this first purchase, has this limitation: They only allow for 3 levels of "static zoom", there is no way to zoom it to make it useable, like for instant fill entire screen with half the document, or 1/4 of the document. No no, it required the user to set static "start and end points" and then provide 3 levels of zoom "some zoom, more zoom, a lot of zoom". In the end I had to give it up actually, and leave the gorgeous device in a cabinet. I occasionally used it to play music, which it happily did for for ever. Conclusion: The only real way to consume books is to bite the bullet and use a proper tablet. I might fall into the hands of the empire and use "Good Reader" and DropBox to read my PDFs on an iPad3 this fall, or I might get the Asus Transformer and download the "Cool Reader" app. Pinching and swiping gestures ARE very useful when reading. For the ZOOM, I'm going with a fully fledged tablet. The eInk device I bought was a huge letdown. /end rant

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