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Comment Re:You Don't (Score 1) 384

I have this philosophy, if they fire me it's good because it was not the right place for me.
It's also been true for me, that if I don't set policy part of my job is to enlighten those who do so they can make the right choice.

When idiotic things occur frequently enough and I cannot do the right thing I don't WANT to waste my time there. Especially when there are others who would appreciate honesty from a well informed viewpoint. And when others don't exist I create my own job. Which is how I've lived for the last number of decades and still do.

One have to be smart about how one executes things of course since the above operational policies, if you want, will easily be costly personally. But if I cannot be honest to those I work with I'm much better off going elsewhere. Most people want to work with decent people and try very hard to find us.

Saying you refuse to implement a faulty solution, and being removed, if you survive it all it can be a blessing in disguise once it goes belly up. You were the one who knew it would fail and tried to warn everyone. Of course if someone in management has another agenda, than the company's best, and if he is trusted well enough by top management, you can easily be fighting an uphill battle where there is no win for you to be had there.

Because of these things I have a personal policy of surrounding myself with able people. Able people know they can produce a proper exchange with society (to make a living) and so don't bother to come up with these unusual solutions which cause a lot of damage to all involved (often criminal solutions). Unlike what some claim there is no criminal gene. You can however be brought up to think that you are nothing and will never amount to anything. That makes it extra hard to believe in yourself and work hard, but is ultimately no excuse.

Comment Utter Nonsense! (Score 2, Insightful) 617

The reason the music industry is in any kind of trouble is because of how the companies that control this industry are not, in effect, effectively growing the industry, mostly because of incompetence, not being artists themselves.

There are not enough artists in society.

Artists are the ones who dream the dreams that become tomorrows reality. Art is what lifts up your day and get you out of your troubles, etc.

When art degrades so does society.

The companies that run this industry are like vampires making money on artist's creations. (Part of it are our own fault since there is this popular consideration that if you are an artist you should suffer as that gives you more to "draw" from. Also nonsense, but so true to most of us that most makes sure they suffer. As a result they think that cannot properly and effectively handle themselves and that they let these companies control their output.)

The same companies are not only incompetent in many things, but helping artists grow strong is not on their agenda. Strong artists are a threat to them, rightly so given their criminal level of exchange.

If you wonder why any art form is suffering don't even think it's because of too much competition as that will never lead to a solution. Now if you don't want a solution then you should promote this idea that there is too much competition.

BTW, "just good enough", comes from the same companies. They are the ones releasing it.

As a note, which is known to established musicians, the only way to make money is to tour since the labels keep 90% of the profits.

Comment Mismatched rail width (Score 1) 449

Russia made their rails incompatible with the rest of the world so that a foreign military could not just rail on into mother Russia.
That means they have a track width (called gauge in rail language) which is 4 foot 11 inches. While the US has 4 foot 8½ inches. Enough difference to instantly derail the train. The good part is that most of Europe and China uses the same gauge as US. I'm curious if they will modify their tracks or make new rail wheels which covers both sizes. Being that this is bound to open up a massive amount of shipments. Imagine if China joins in. Rail would see an amazing comeback. Next we would have Japan make a tunnel to join the Russian rail. I suspect that this would also make foreign countries more accessible and lower the desire to kill the "different" people "way over there".

Comment Re:Once you have discovered (Score 5, Interesting) 674

Exactly. It's not like they still carry my old stereo from yesteryear. As the article says, they spend less since people are not willing to spend as much. I noticed the same decline in electronic shops. Back when microcomputers came out it was easy to find a store to buy quality components and have a good selection.
Now the only one that seem to still be in business is RadioShack. Not exactly what it was a few decades ago either.

I listened to a 5.1 system my daughter had and it was kinda OK when watching a movie. But once you turned on quality music - yikes!

It was very surprising to hear how a 5.1 system could sound so bad. Which was mostly due to the crappy speakers they included. I got spoiled with studio equipment and could never listen to anything less without being disappointed. Of course everyone wanted to know what I thought of Their stereo. About which one has to get very clever on how one answers. My reply ended up being that they sound pretty good for what they paid. Unless they actually wanted to know the truth.

If you don't actually sit and listen to a good system, or live music, it's not that easy to realize what it should sound like. With all the get everything from the comfort of your own home, that becomes harder and harder. Yeah, my 30 old system sounded a lot better (though only with two speakers) than todays average 5/6/7.1 systems.

Quality is not either subjective. How accurately can your equipment reproduce a sound? Your taste is subjective but that's another story.
Marketing does affect what people buy, especially when they can't tell the difference.

Comment Interesting argument, but... (Score 1) 361

I find the arguments interesting, Speed kills and Guns kills. Neither is actually true. Not that I'm promoting speeding. But it is usually incompetence, poor responsibility and stupidity that kills. Governments, having problems with telling the difference, simply apply a simply rule that applies to idiots and professionals alike.

Of course the fact of him speeding (or not) has nothing to do with Your actions. Or are you arguing that since others are doing something that it's all of a sudden OK?

Comment Re:Look at your own actions and stop justifying (Score 1) 361

Yup, unfortunately you are soo right. I have however discovered that there are a number of people who are on the fence and can't quite decide what is right and wrong, and when shown the way, they walk the straight and narrow.

It thought of canceling a few times, but thought oh what the hell, it'll be interesting to see the argument against, it being such a heated subject. And who knows maybe one person will do the right thing as a result.

Comment Look at your own actions and stop justifying (Score -1) 361

Don't make the mistake of looking at what it does to other people. Look at what you are doing, your actions. I can't see how you taking something that does not belong to you is anything but stealing. Theft. Justifying it with the, often false, idea that it did not do any damage, does not make your action any less so.
It is very true that stealing someones car is quite different from stealing a copy of a computer program. Nevertheless, it is the act of taking something which does not belong to you which makes it theft.

How about someone dropping something on the street. You see it falling to the street and the person is oblivious to the fact and keep on walking. Frankly, if you pick it up and keep it it's also theft. The proper thing to do would be to return it to the owner, or at least make it easier for the person to find it.

All these justifications does not make it less so, it only serves to make you not feel so bad about what you have done/are doing.
It is also rather gutless to hide behind justifications instead of simply owning up to ones actions.
The number of people who feel it's not stealing does not either make it less so.

A much better way of life is to stand up for your actions and set a good example. Make it your goal to always be helpful, soon you start feeling better about yourself as well. I'm sure a number of people consider the above weird and unrealistic. It is however totally workable, and usually brings about a much better feeling about self and others. Being unselfish creates something akin to an accounts receivable in life. When you're in need others often come to your aid, etc.

As I've said in the past, BSA and similar organizations, are in themselves trying to make everyone into thieves by calling everyone so in the hope of increasing income for their members. No doubt they are paid more the more they can stack things in their members favor.

Simply observing how certain groups operate around artists you can see that they themselves are raping the artists under the guise of giving them an "opportunity". Meanwhile the artist who is the one creating the art, and clearly the more valuable one, sees only a few pennies on the dollar. While the lesser person who cannot produce art is taking such an advantage of the situation that the artist has a hard time making a living. Regardless of the effects of those actions, it does not however make the act of taking something which strictly speaking does not belong to you any less of a crime.

Again, this disregard for common sense and decency is not an good opportunity to loose your own respect. Ignore what others are doing and do the right thing for yourself!

Comment Re:Top Gun (Score 1) 252

That's a technicality as to USSR taking Berlin. US troops wanted to take Berlin and were there way before USSR. But were ordered to let the Russians take it. Germany really fell largely to the US forces. The allies did most of the work before USSR came marching. This was an entirely political motivated move.

Comment Re:One world government (Score 2) 349

Haha, not quite so. As the end of the war (WWII) there was the growing concern amongst various war criminals in Germany that they might end up in big trouble. The idea was formed to start an organization that would be looking for criminals, but manned by them, which would hold them above suspicion (plus they had new identities). At least that was the idea. That organization was named Interpol. It certainly was a private organization without any powers which is often given all sorts of powers in movies, but alas that is in movies.

Their current status does not have any war criminals as they are all dead, but one can only wonder what is up with an organization started by war criminals to help them hide.

For all the young ones I'd like to point out the classic PR number that people so easily fell for in the early days of gas stations. Back in the days when you went to fill up your car with gas you were often doing the filling yourself. The criminal would fill up his car partly, turn off the pump and the restart it. Then completing the filling. Of course the meter only showed the last fill and so you got away with paying less than you took. To raise themselves above suspicion they would simply pop in every now and then and announce that they took gas the day before but forgot to pay. Thus making the gas attendant think that the criminal was one honest fella.

There's two ways to hide, one is in the open. In the most obvious place...

As far as TLD, that ship sailed a long time ago as everyone simply stopped verifying the correctness, and the steps in place is easy to sail around. Since most people don't verify much I would be surprised if someone questioned Interpol's status. Which mind you I've not done for some time myself. By now anything is possible, I just don't look at a TLD to determine what they are.

Comment Re:I just thought I'd state.... (Score 1) 669

It is interesting how things are accelerated out of proportions. The fact that schools have the idea of pushing kids out of school, which only increases the odds that these kids becomes criminals and a menace to society, I find astonishing. Talk about dropping their hat.
Kids needs positive guidance. School is supposed to redirect their misdirected actions into something positive. Show the proper way, but oh no, instead here we hit whenever we can.
On top of it they like to suppress free speech. In fairness I've not read what they wrote, but I don't care what it was, expulsion is never the right thing to do. Kids need to complete school and have an equal chance to succeed or society will suffer.
Punishment does not work either, as our over filled prisons shows. Simple observations demonstrate that more caring is what's needed, not more force.
I had an incident when my daughter was in school, where another girl stood up in the bus and hit her from behind. The bus driver stopped the bus and called the police. Six patrol cars surrounded the bus when I arrived on the scene.
I was immediately informed by the office in charge that I can press charges. I thanked him but said that it looks like enough force has already been applied, what we need is to figure out what occurred and see how we can handle the situation without any more force.
While i performed my interviews to establish what had occurred, officers kept informing me that I can press charges, probably six times during the 30 minutes it took.
In the end the other girl had realized that her misdirected aggression was potentially a lot more damaging to her than any peer pressure of being seen as "tough" could be. The two girls had shook hands, with proper display of recognizing the errors of her ways with forgiveness from my daughter. Never mind the relief on the other girl and her grandmother who cared for her.
the whole situation was resolved with communication and care. No additional force was applied and the situation was resolved in a way that helped everyone.

Comment Maybe no mental health problems at all (Score 1) 306

The billing bible DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) they use is populated by popular vote. Not by any scientific conclusions. No blood work, etc.

If you read the items in it you quickly get the idea they are simply trying to cover everything we do, which then makes it a cinch to say you need our services, which always means drugs. Which for them means a lot more money.

According to the DSM jet lag is a disorder. So is it to be anxious, even bitter over loosing your job.

How about oppositional defiant disorder, caffeine intoxication disorder, mathematics disorder, sibling relational problem, and frotteurism, the "intentional rubbing up against or touching of another, usually unsuspecting, person for the purpose of sexual arousal.

Based on the DSM psychiatrists declare that their drugs and other treatments work to improve mental illness, even though psychiatrists admit that they do not know how or why these drugs “work.”

Which could explain why the side effects are often worse than the symptoms they supposedly handle. Can't fall a sleep -- take this drug! It might give you kidney failure and in rare cases kill you. But we think it's a good idea to sell you dangerous drugs because it won't kill us.

In the end I really doubt that the excitement and joy of overcoming the challenges in a game is a mental disorder. Which is not to say that you could not end up spending more time in front of it than you should. Affecting school work, job, spouse etc. But that's not a disorder, simply wrong priorities in life. Teaching people to strive for balance in life would be far better and it does not have bad side effects.

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