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Comment yes, and 1000000n and 5n are not the same (Score 1) 218

I am a sysadmin that also deploys software software deployment. My job is to look after network traffic, software deployments, tweaks and, scripts. Scale and breadth-of-impact is always a concern. Furthermore, unlike O-notation, I do care about the multiplier. In the real world, 1000000n or 5n are not the same to me!

If you move some log files for all your users to a network instead of a local drive, your network traffic might be ok, but how will disk access cope? If you write a script to move the old logs, what happens when you deploy it for everyone at the same time? How are you deploying it? What's the algorithm you're using to find all files you want to move?

Do you have software that is frequently broadcasting itself across your network? (insert stink-eye for Dropbox here)

If you write a script that you are somewhat ashamed of, but it works, maybe you choose to run it after 5pm (because solving a stupid problem TODAY is sometimes more important than the elegance of the solution).

Still have a hub with multiple devices on it? How much does it matter?

Comment Re:Try again. (Score 1) 94

Yeah, they gave up the rights to say that three years ago. Which means now they have essentially nothing differentiating them from their competitors.

I really liked the hub separation, but now you can't say "I'm buying a BB10-style device for security reasons".

They had a series of boneheaded moves that was bringing their demise, but this was truly the last nail in the coffin.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 1) 127

You might be missing the some of the contexts of why someone tagged it as offensive.

I'm not offended by the sight of cleavage. However, I am awfully tired of the multitudes of "click-baitty whorification of women" teaser ads, and reporting them as "offensive" seems like the best option out of the few I am given. Yeah, I'd like to see fewer of those posts, and yeah, I find them offensive, especially here.

Some people probably also tag all ads as "offensive" because the existence of ads or the amount of them pisses them off.

Comment Re:The "IT problem" (Score 4, Insightful) 45

I agree, but I'd say those are rare. We have so many "Mordac" problems more due to perception and lack of accountability.

At my last job, we didn't have dev servers, never mind someone in security. Several services were lacking in failover because there only was one machine, which would typically be 1-4 years behind in patches and updates. We had 1/3 of the IT staff that other comparable organizations would have. I left last year, and they still haven't replaced me. Most of us on the team were capable of doing a lot better - if only we had had the resources and were allowed to do what we do best.

The IT manager was treated like Mordac of IT services because forcing their computers to have passwords and not being able to install any crapware they felt like was "preventing them from doing their work". The token argument when people weren't getting their way was "But I NEED this". I NEED to install some sketchy tool I found on the internet. I NEED to install this cute bubbly font I found for free on the internet (well the web page said it was free and it didn't cost me anything, so that means it's legit, right?). What do you mean you won't help me with this personal project that has nothing to do with the business? I NEED dropbox because how can I back up my stuff if I don't... no, no, I'm not interested in listening in how stuff is backed up already, I would much prefer to store sensitive data wherever and copy it to my non-password protected malware-infected devices at home. YOU'RE PREVENTING ME FROM DOING MY JOB! WAAAAAAA!

If crying to the other IT members separately doesn't work, then they cry to upper management.

Every IT person who is just trying to do their job is a Mordac to a large group of people. Ignorance or unwillingness to learn the tools of a job is no excuse for sabotaging it or blaming others, and we need to call bullshit on it.

There's been a big focus on security recently that if users are doing the wrong thing, then it's actually the security team's responsibility to make sure that you find a way to make it easy for people to do the right thing. It's a step in the right direction. But there are still some basic standards where we need to say "It's a basic requirement of the job. It's 2016. Get over it, or go a job that's not in an office environment."

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