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Comment A faster connection (Score 1) 740

I remember several years back, someone was working on running a new fiber cable between Chi and NY, that was a literal straight line. Or as straight as absolutely possible, in order to shave milliseconds off of communication times between the cities.

I'm sure the race to shave times hasn't slowed, since 2010.

Comment I've got no faith in Yelp at all anyhow (Score 1) 168

A year or two back I posted a review of a food truck that was positive about the product, but negative about some of the business practices of the truck. The vendor complained to Yelp, and they pulled the review because it wasn't just about the product itself. Business practices matter as well, at least they should. And the ease that the vendor had in getting a negative review turfed tells me that nothing on Yelp is to be trusted at all.

Comment Re:Season 5 versus Series 5. (Score 1) 215

A season is a 1/4 trip around the sun. He got all the episodes available in that season. What he thought he was buying was Series 5 not season 5. Like how the british TV is named.

When they started "season 5" they said it was going to be in 2 halves, they've always referred to the last 8 episodes as being part of Season 5. So if someone bought a "season pass" for 5, they should have expected to get ALL of season 5.

At least people that bought the DVD/BluRay from Amazon could see exactly what they were getting, when they ordered the "season 5" disc. It clearly didn't have the second half of season 5 included.

Comment Somewhat disingenuous for him to be saying this (Score 1) 637

I saw NIN in concert last summer at Shoreline in Mountain View, CA. And about 20min into the set, security came, and escorted me to the coat check area, and made me surrender my digital camera till the end of the show. It was the ONLY show I went to all summer at that venue that no cameras was the policy. The venue itself doesn't have a policy at all. But the artists can have that as a restriction for their tour.
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Journal Journal: I'm leaving Slashdot

To quote one of MaraDNS' users:

[Slashdot] is all nonsense. A bunch of nerdy kids who like debate but weren't popular enough to be on their highschool debate teams or whatnot get together and argue and debate and act like hysterical pundits while lame editors sensationalize every mundane DoS attack that happens (and repost it three times in the same week to keep the flames flying high!). A huge waste of time, energy, and bandwidth...

Comment Re:Obligatory Quote (Score -1, Offtopic) 212


Just to let you know, I feel that comments like this are very inappropriate to say to anyone, either on-line or off-line. This is a very nasty personal insult; I have been to schools where this kind of language would not be allowed (it is "fighting language"; language which angers someone enough to start a fight in the real world).

As a result, I have placed you on my foes list. If you wish to be taken off of my foes list, please apologize to the person you have personally insulted, and mail me proof that you have done so.

You are free to continue using this kind of language, of course, but people will respect you less and your karma will undoubtably suffer.

- Sam

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Journal Journal: Why people are on my foes list

I feel it is unfair to put people on my foes list without reason. After cleaning up my Foes list for New Years 2003, I now have a very specific policy for what puts a person on my foes list:

A person will be put on my foes list if they engage in a personal attack against another person, or if they place me on their foes list

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Journal Journal: Things about me

Since my user journal comes up on my information page, I am adding this jornal entry.

Some quick facts about me: my home page; my current open source project.

Also relevent: I am opposed to the Iraq war; I am an American who does not like seeing manifest destiny in the 21st century.

- Sam


Journal Journal: Mod B-b-bombed! 8

* Moderation of "How does commercial Free Software work? 9:21 17 January 2003
* Moderation of "How does commercial Free Software work?" 9:21 17 January 2003
* Moderation of "question" 9:22 17 January 2003
* Moderation of "what the heck?" 9:22 17 January 2003
* Moderation of "IN SOVIET RUSSIA..." 9:22 17 January 2003
* Moderation of "oh please" 9:22 17 January 2003
* Moderation of "whatever" 9:25 17 January 2003

Now I can't post anony


Journal Journal: Holy Mosis! 4

Website still not up, obviously. I've just been too busy partying and preparing for teh holiday and whatnot.

So I noticed that we can now add AIM/ICQ/Jabbar IDs to our user info. Hopefully this will help me meet new friends. Also, there is a space for an "ical" calendar...anyone know what that is? I tried googling, and it's just a bunch of Mac stuff. Can I make an ical calendar on teh Lunix? TIA.


Journal Journal: Time For A Jourrrrnal 1

My website is down. Many apologies. Assuming there are no more Apache holes found in the next week or so, it should be up again soon, at a different address. It's also time for an influx of new content, though Christ only knows when I'll get around to making some. Maybe I can archive links to a few of my best Slashdot comments! Though I only kept a couple. So whatever.

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