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Comment Re:and... (Score 1) 196

And everyone will keep using 2.6/2.7, the windows XP of python.

2.6 is the standard that is packaged with popular OSes like Red Hat. Also who has the time to upgrade their python code to the new object model?

Comment Its Sad (Score 1) 656

Differential equations are not advanced math. If you were complaining about topology or having to prove something then that is advanced math. When I was taking a grad school test on OS ( I forgot the exact topic) it involved something about scheduling and it was much shorter and elegant to answer by using limits than having to explain the answer with lots of words.

As a professional who is been in the software world for at least 12 years, at this point in my career I do not need that kind of math. However , understanding that kind of mathematics as well as the numerical algorithms to go with them is very useful as many fields use them. If you don't know the basic mathematics expected of an undergraduate you will be cutting yourself from many opportunities.

Comment College grads are more willing to work crazy hours (Score 1) 738

Programming is like working on an assembly line. Developers work on the specific thing they have requirements specs for, in a specific language, following a specific SDLC. They also have hours and hours of code review to make sure that everyone's coding looks the same. Newbie software engineers and programmer's I have met do not think out of the box. They are also willing to work crazy hours, like 16 hours a day during the week and on weekends. Its also ok for them to not be incredibly efficient at what they do because they have 16 hours to fix it.

Comment Technology , parents, and kids (Score 1) 279

Not all IOS devices are the same. The Ipad allows parents to set enable restrictions which prevent downloading of any application and prevent in app purchases. When I let my kid use the ipad I use these restrictions and I DO NOT DIVULGE my password to her. When it comes to the ipad I have no sympathy for parents. Anyone who lets a child use a technological device should have full understanding of the security and financial risks associated with that device.

An ipod touch for instance does not allow a parent to set any restrictions. This means that while an ipod touch seems like the perfect ios device for a child, being less expensive but able to run most of the same apps, it is financially risky for a child because there is no way to turn off bad behavior. As a responsible parent I will get my
kid an ipod touch.

Comment Because it doesn't just work (Score 1) 1091

1) Does every video card work?
2) Desktop user's shouldn't be expected to recompile a kernel for functionality.
3) Openoffice / Libre Office is not as useful or compatible with Microsoft office.
4) Is there a good / stable finance package for Linux?
5) I want my wireless networking to work without having to know WEP and wireless security in great detail.

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