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Comment Re: UpUPandAWAY (Score 1) 84

I don't think it's realistic in most of the metro until you're pulling in at least 200k these days. Median houses in King County are ~625k now. Anywhere that isn't pretty rough or an unconscionable commute from somewhere two working adults can make that much will start in the 750-800k range. The only marginally affordable houses are in the ghetto of South Seattle where a post-war shack with 1 bathroom and 2-3 bedrooms are being remodeled and snatched up at 400-500k these days. It's mind boggling.

I live somewhere an almost unconscionable commute east of downtown (11 miles; people claim it's not even that bad) and basic houses in my neighborhood are approaching 1M. We couldn't afford to live here if it wasn't for our below-market rent. We want to buy, but with her only pulling in ~50k, our combined incomes are insufficient to buy anything livable that isn't at least another 5-10 traffic-filled miles further from work.

Comment Re: I'm not saying this is going to be abused, but (Score 1) 292

Yeah, that won't last long. Setting a fake VIN will probably be easy.

If they're not, expect people to use junkyard parts. Who are you gonna cry to when the VIN is from a totaled car sitting in the east bumf*ck scrap yard and that part was never sold to anyone.

Expect criminals and terrorists to make full use of these capabilities.

Comment Re: Good then bad then good (Score 2) 172

Sugar free isn't really good. Humans tend to seek out sugar. Most foods have sugars in them. Our bodies are designed to process them effectively.

The problem is that people like to use fake sugar due to a fear of sugar, or they replace fat with sugar... These things confuse the digestive tract, which causes the body to do weird things it shouldn't do to compensate. It's why "sugar substitutes" that insulin doesn't break down seem to be contributors to diabetes in the long term.

Comment Re: I wonder if they get nerd virgins from Slashdo (Score 1) 272

It does remind me of the way I couldn't even comprehend what I was seeing when Hillary openly described people that opposed her for valid reasons as "deplorables". This person wants to be the president of the United States?! If anything, Hillary's picture should be added to every definition of hubris on the internet.

Comment Re: WaPo? (Score 1) 272

The major mass media groups are quite strongly skewed to left-wing positions and report according with a heavy bias in that direction. This election was proof of that.

I'm not sure why they'd be considered "liberal", though, as liberalism has nothing to do with their positions (which appear closer aligned with socialism and totalitarianism, which is common to both major parties in the US and antithetical to liberalism).

There are true liberal news sources, including a number on the "fake news" list. They did oppose Hillary due to her positions. The fact Trump was incoherent and inconsistent made him a difficult target, but he was similarly disliked. I will admit that he was the least-fought candidate I've seen in these circles, but that's probably more an effect of the extreme repulsiveness of Hillary to actual liberals than any implied support of Trump.

Comment Re: WaPo? (Score 1) 272

This is incorrect. Up until the 2000 election, networks were highly inconsistent in how they colored the parties, but there was a general pattern that blue was republican and red was democrat. The change was unusual - the network's got together and actually synchronized on it for some unknown reason prior to the election, although they deny it now and claim it was a post-election development (it wasn't; I was there).

See the section on origins of these colors, which also mentions that the 2000 presidential election was the source of this.

Comment Re: Popcorn time! (Score 1) 1321

Truth. It was a hard pill to swallow, but no matter how much mud they slung and how unpopular the opinion was, he was the better candidate for so many reasons that it wasn't even a contest. She stood for the war machine and so many deplorable things, while standing in front of the country and calling us "deplorables" for not supporting her shitty positions. I'm glad others can see why perfectly rational people would vote for the orange raisin.

Comment Re: Popcorn time! (Score 1) 1321

My suspicion is that this is closer to the truth. That she was counting on vote tampering or creation that was widespread (and clearly involved paper). There were similar discrepancies found in Florida after the 2000 election that gave Al Gore a big boost by invalidating GWB votes. Everything has told me for some time that they have been cooking the numbers in quite a few large states for years, perhaps decades, and this tells me that there is something going on...

Comment Been there, done that... (Score 2) 230

On a government project a number of years ago, we used a bank of supercapacitors to launch something very quickly off an average vehicle battery every minute or so.

It sounds great, but we also had the damned things explode quite spectacularly. And by that, I mean, if we didn't have it inside a very tough metal box, shrapnel might have killed the tech that was near it when it went.

Not that lithium batteries are much better; I've seen some really exciting fires when the LiPo batteries in R/C race cars fail... If you thought a phone battery bursting into flame was exciting, you have never seen one of these go up.

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