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Comment Healthcare has been hit hard by this. (Score 2) 168

I work at a help desk for a hospital and Physician's office network in Cincinnati, Ohio. Technology, as a boat anchor stopping people in their tracks, is especially bad in healthcare. The network here behaves like two cans and a string, especially since they piled on it with thin clients that have n internal storage and zero clients that are really just dumb terminals. Also, many full-fledged PCs are really showing their age. On top of that, most people who have to use the computers are intimidated by them, especially when dealing with Epic, an electronic medical records software that is obscenely complicated and unwieldy, but has somehow become the industry standard. There are also other software packages that complicate tasks that used to be simple. Even people like janitors and cooks who need supervisors to dial the help desk for them are expected to use the computers to due tasks like check their now paperless pay stubs, and sign off on performance reviews. It seems computers have been simply thrown at problems they are not the right tool to solve, and created problems that did not previously exist. This is at a system that some magazine named the most wired in the region, or maybe it was the most wired in the industry. This distinction does not seem award worthy from my perspective.

Comment copyright no longer serves its purpose (Score 2) 194

Article I, Section 8, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution, known as the Copyright Clause, empowers the United States Congress: To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries. Pop music and Hollywood movies aren't science and the useful arts. They are only frivolous entertainment. Also, "limited times" meant 14 years, renewable once for 28 in the original 1790 copyright law. Now, with extensions passed every 20 years to keep Steamboat Willie out of the public domain, it is virtually perpetual. This locking up ideas asp property is no less a form of censorship than trying to suppress them, and does not promote progress at all.

Comment High tech whizbangs are the problem. (Score 1) 70

Electronic medical records, and other use of computers mandated by Congress have been the bane of health care's existence. The one thing EPIC and all other EMR software companies need to dedicate themselves to is ease of use. To say they are complicated for doctors, nurses and administrative staff to use the the greatest understatement ever uttered. I know, because I work at a medical company's call center. A blockchain isn't going to help ease of use at all.

Comment Floating warehouse? (Score 1) 128

Do you know what spot crosses the Cincinnati and Kentucky border? The Ohio River. Are they building a floating warehouse? The author should have done some more homework before writing that they will build on land that does not exist. The source of the confusion may be that the airport that services the Cincinnati region is in Kentucky. Local politicians fighting kept it from being built in Ohio. It is like the New York football stadium which is actually in New Jersey. Another thing that makes that airport confusing is that its abbreviation is CVG, which stands for Covington when the airport is in Florence, but Florence really wasn't a thing yet when the airport was started.

Comment Censorship (Score 1) 26

Locking up ideas as property is no less a form of censorship than trying to suppress them, and shutting down groups chatting about file sharing is suppression of ideas. Copyright is an idea whose time has passed. They will just find another place to meet online beside Facebook, which no one should be using anyway. It exists solely to datamine people and sell info to advertisers.

Comment Blame Washington (Score 1) 198

Technology has been a boat anchor dragging down the industry thanks to regulations like Hippa, and requirements that all records be kept electronically. Paper charts are banned. now. This is a classic example of what happens when legislators regulate something they know nothing about. I see it everyday, as I work at the helpdesk of a major midwestern hospital chain. I am convinced all the technology that end users can't figure out has led to dead and injured patients. I am a perma-temp, where I work, not an employee. Outsourcing in healthcare is another problem, but not the one we are talking about here. Anyway, many people working in healthcare are technically illiterate, and refuse to learn. Also software like Epic is too complicated for anyone but engineers. My mother, who was a nurse, is now happily retired. Epic and other high tech whizbangs made her last years in the industry hell. The worst part of it all is cost. Computers, commercial software, and all the support staff needed cost so much more than paper charts did. All they really needed to do was to make PDF of the old paper charts, and let people type into them That would have fixed the problem of scribbly doctor's handwriting. Washington broke it. Will they ever fix it?

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