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Comment Re:BS (Score 1) 426

19th Century Technology? Obviously you're not familiar with advances in print technology over the past... 200 years. You do realize printing color on newsprint equates to doing calligraphy on toilet paper, correct? To print like this every day consistently at hundreds of feet per minute and get the paper on your doorstep by 4am is nothing short of impressive. Not to say that it's the most effective way to distribute news, but it's still impressive.

Comment Re:CYMK TIFF is a backwards tradition that must di (Score 1) 695

Still, sRGB is not device independent and neither is any CMYK space. Did you actually read what I wrote? All RGB space and CMYK are device dependent because their color gamuts are limited. Even ProPhoto RGB, which claims to have the largest color gamut, is still device dependent. If you want to print anything, it's going to have to get converted to some form of CMYK profile in the end, and to do that, it goes through the CIELAB space, which is device independent. CIELAB and CIEXYZ are mathematically calculated. In terms of the web, the only browser that even recognizes all profiles correctly is Safari. Firefox can't do it, IE can't do it, all the others can't and don't do it. Therefore, color management on the web, at least at this point, is somewhat of a joke.

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