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Comment Re:Car Wars? (Score 2) 95

There was one, sorta, called , it latest about 1 year before they shut it off.
While it wasn't the gritty 'car wars' or 'autoduel' feel, it was.. well.. an MMO in a post-apoc like setting, primarily featuring Cars and guns and flamethrowers..

There is a newer more indie title that a gritty feel post-apoc car-based tabletop mini-game, unfortunately the name is escaping me.. I believe it's only a year or two old however...

Comment Re:I will be doing one thing about it. (Score 1) 412

The 'Total Destruction Area' of the Tsar Bomba (@ 59mt) is cited with a 'Total Destruction Area' of r=35km, but the evidence shows that wood and brick villages up to 55km away were destroyed, with major damage to villages much further then that. An asteroid cited to impact at 2x that equivalent shouldn't be understated.

So while I think 100mill dead, as a direct result of impact, is actually unreasonable, I do not think it would only kill 5mil if it hit Delhi.

As for the OP.. what do we do about it? Nothing. Wait until the 2017 'course correction', determine if it's needed, and begin designs then, and you should be able to do something about it by 2030 easy.. besides, technology will advance in the next 7-18 years so building something NOW that will just sit and rust and decay for 30 years isn't a good idea anyway.

Comment Re:Security is about what you're securing. (Score 2) 189


Plus the articles "guards" are near-min-wage employees hired by the conf organizer or the to just stand around and try and gate access some. They largely have no vested interest in the nature of the content or attendees.

As for ComicCon, I think you'd have a harder time sneaking into a room at DragonCon since it's fan-run, not an industry show... those volunteers are putting in a lot of time for their badge, and if nothing else, they don't want to see someone getting what they have for free. (and yes, I've been one of those people)

Comment Re:Sweet Jesus (Score 1) 44

Ahh gotcha. Yes. Assuming you know/are-smart-enough-to be CCNA type work on a regular basis, ya, you'd do fine.
I'd personally argue the world would be a better place if everyone didn't know what x-PON was.. but I realize there's alot of legacy infrastructure that needs to be supported and companies are unable/unwilling to goto regular Ethernet (or 'Active Ethernet' if you go by the MEF speak.. which.. is just silly of a title.. i'm not talking 'Active Ethernet PtP' because that's just retarded. put a switch in the field.. dump the splitters.. utilitize the damn topography capabilties of Ethernet you twits! /frothy-mouthed-rant


Comment Re:Sweet Jesus (Score 3, Insightful) 44

Yes and No. There's a world of difference between the world of basic or unmanaged switches you'd find on a LAN, and the world of Carrier-grade MPLS-TE or PBB-TE. The good is if you're a really GOOD small LAN admin, you at least understand the unpinnings concepts of Ethernet switching and hopefully some basic routing.. ...but Elvis help you if you go from a little 3Com switch and a Linksys Router into 'big iron' routing....

Comment Re:Sweet Jesus (Score 2) 44

My thinking is pretty much what Wiki cites it as "Overselling or Overbooking refers to the selling of a volatile good or service in excess of actual capacity. Overselling is a common practice in the travel and lodging industry. In telecommunications, sometimes the term oversubscription is preferred."... There may be a more specific usage of the term I'm not familiar with.

SLAs and BE can cover/handle congestion situations (possibly covered by Oversubscribed services being all used at once).. they are more often cited for their service restoration and availability clauses.
QoS being of course "What/Whose packet goes first if theres not enough room".. again.. a possibility in an Over-sub'ed system.

Comment Taking a photo != Diagnosis.. (Score 2) 111

.. I'm a bit confused.. is there an App that analysis a photograph and gives you a diagnosis?
Else I'm wondering how taking a photo of an ailment helps diagnosis.. more information is needed.

That said, I think it's the availability of Pocket Internet that is doing this. not necessary smartphones.. keep it abstract and we won't have to also have 'Are ${your-tablet-here} starting a boom of DIY medicine?'....

Further on.. do people really think that every little ailment they have requires a 'medical professional'?
(I am NOT advocating that laypersons diagnosis or treat anything remotely serious.. just it seems to me people are heading to ERs/MDs for issues that could easily be treated at home with just a tiny bit of knowledge..)

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