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Comment Works Out (Score 0) 156

If the game is popular enough, like World of Goo, then the money will flow in either way. I don't think it depends on how much you sell it for. It depends on how big the fan base is already showing that the price is already right for the people who already bought it and have experienced that they got their money's worth. Now imagine if Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 1 & 2 had this kind of sale for all consoles? The now Defunct Infinity Ward would be uber-billionaires right now.

Comment Gaming moms? (Score 0) 671

Since when did mothers start playing video games now, especially ones that depict war? Bitching about an OPTION that can be selectively unselected is idiotic in my opinion. We have the choice to pick the story lines if we decide to buy the game because my money is what counts and it's what the distributor is offering for said money. Yea, our soldiers died in the war but no one can help but empathize with the enemy and this game will make good use of that empathy. Maybe it will even help people of the US realize how much it hurts for them as it hurt our soldiers too... freaking imbeciles. They made the choice to go to war and they paid for it...

Comment Experience. (Score 2, Insightful) 527

When my dad past away from a stroke 4 years ago, we barely even wanted to look at a picture of him just because of the sorrow that comes with him. Recording memories is is nice but when the grim reaper finally has his way, it just doesn't get any happier. Even today the thought of my dad coming up in a conversation strikes everyone to be quiet. He was a good man and all but just the consideration of death is something that should be avoided. In my opinion, the only thing you should keep around is something like a family photo in the living room or something. Overwhelming your kids with a lot of information about their deceased mother when they ask about her will make them wonder (for a very long time) how she was and that will always leave a blank spot of continuous doubt if she was exactly like that. Even a video can be deceiving of ones emotions to how someone really acts in reality.

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