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Comment panopticon (Score 1) 171

For a while the question from my perspective has been how long until we live in a panopticon not what can I do to keep privacy on the web ? The results in the article are pretty obvious, the only way to keep information secret about yourself seems to become a hermit and use technologies from two centuries ago.
Linux Business

Submission + - Linux installfests maturing? (

christian.einfeldt writes: "Linux installfests apparently are expanding from an emphasis on serving individual users to mass network installs serving non-profits and schools. In the past, installfests have often been held as part of Linux User Group meetings, and involved individual new computer users bringing their computers to a small meeting to have Linux installed on their machines. But now there is an apparent trend visible in Linux installfests toward mass network installs supported by greater corporate or municipal involvement in Linux installfests. In many cases, the newly-installed Linux computers are being given to end user institutions such as schools. For example, a recent installfest in Austin, Texas, was put on by two non-profits and was supported by the personal participation of upper management at AMD and nFusion. The majority of the eighty-three machines were PXE-booted and mass-installed at that event over an ad hoc network. Likewise, at last year's LinuxWorld expo in San Francisco, 350 Linux computers were mass-installed over a similar PXE network in a mass installfest put on in a partnership between the non-profit Alameda County Computer Resource Center and the for-profit Untangle and IDG firms. The machines were donated to San Francisco Bay Area schools. Similar installfests have been held in Chile and India, to name just a few."

Comment Plastic vs. paper packaging (Score 1) 325

How would changing packaging to paper help with the dumping plastic issues ? Recently I heard about managed forests and on the surface it sounds good since the forest stays in place and it's cut down to make paper products and also replenished at the same time. I cringe every time I have to throw a plastic/glass container in the trash (and no, there's no recycling program where I live).

Comment Re:Sesame Street & the Importance of Bilingual (Score 1) 1077

I learned English from TV (the TV where I lived was subtitled not overdubbed), games, and reading books. I also I have a better than average understanding of Italian from (I assume) watching Italian TV without subtitles as a kid. I can understand most Italian (90%) but cannot string together a single phrase. My native language is Romanian and as such is 70% percent similar to Italian. However, I know a lot of people who do not understand Italian even though they speak Romanian as a native language. In English I am very fluent - better than the average native speaker from test scores and interaction with native speakers. So I think TV, books, games, etc do help even in the absence of native speakers.

Comment Re:Question about atmospheric friction (Score 2, Informative) 87

Actually an object will heat up less on reentry if it is blunt because there will be a bigger cushion of air between the aircraft and the shock front.. Early ballistic missiles had a round (blunt) tip made of plywood which chars slowly in order to prevent the destruction of the payload on reentry.

Reposting this (posted as AC) because I can't stand someone being wrong on the internet. :)
United States

Submission + - Change of rules for lithium batteries on planes (

unchiujar writes: It seems the Department of Transportation has amended the rules on carrying lithium batteries on planes further

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration is amending the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) to tighten the safety standards for transportation of lithium batteries, including both primary (non-rechargeable) and secondary (rechargeable) lithium batteries. Specifically, we are adopting with minor changes the amendments to the HMR published in an interim final rule on December 15, 2004, imposing a limited prohibition on the transportation of primary lithium batteries and cells as cargo aboard passenger-carrying aircraft. In addition, we are adopting many of the proposed changes to the HMR published under the April 2, 2002 NPRM; (1) Eliminating a hazard communication and packaging exception for medium-size lithium cells and batteries of all types transported by aircraft or vessel; (2) revising an exception for small lithium batteries and cells of all types to require testing in accordance with the United Nations Manual of Tests and Criteria; and (3) revising an exception for consumer electronic devices and spare lithium batteries of all types carried by airline passengers and crew. These amendments will enhance transportation safety by reducing fire hazards associated with lithium batteries and harmonizing U.S. and international standards. DATES: Effective Date: The effective date of these amendments is January 1, 2008. Voluntary Compliance: Voluntary compliance with all of these amendments, including those with a delayed mandatory compliance date, is authorized as of October 1, 2007.

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