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Submission + - Owners of 2011 Motorola models furious their phones won't run Ice Cream Sandwich (

unassimilatible writes: Owners of three 2011-launched Motorola phones are furious that the company has reneged on its vow to support their models with the latest Android version, Ice Cream Sandwich. Models affected are the Photon 4G, the Electrify, a re-branded Photon available on the US Cellular network, and the Atrix 4G, a flagship phone that debuted on AT&T in the United States in 2011.

The result is that thousands of people in the middle of two-year carrier contracts will have to use Android 2.3, known as Gingerbread, for the foreseeable future. Motorola had promised owners Android 4.0 support, which would bring a host of new features and security updates. Instead they are stuck on Gingerbread, an operating system that was already a year old when some bought their Moto phones.

Meanwhile, iPhone 3GS users are reporting that iOS 6 works great on thier 2009-era phones.


Submission + - Mika Mobile to Cease Development for Android (

unassimilatible writes: Developers of the hit games Battleheart and Zombieville USA, Mika Mobile, have announced today that they will no longer be spending time developing their games for Android, DroidGamers reports. Mika Mobile's blog states the reason is, Android is simply too much work for too little profit. "We spent about 20% of our total man-hours last year dealing with Android in one way or another — porting, platform specific bug fixes, customer service, etc. I would have preferred spending that time on more content for you, but instead I was thanklessly modifying shaders and texture formats to work on different GPUs, or pushing out patches to support new devices without crashing, or walking someone through how to fix an installation that wouldn't go through. We spent thousands on various test hardware. These are the unsung necessities of offering our apps on Android. Meanwhile, Android sales amounted to around 5% of our revenue for the year, and continues to shrink. Needless to say, this ratio is unsustainable."

Submission + - Google Fprcing App Developers Into Its Own Walled Payment Garden (

unassimilatible writes: Google Inc has been pressuring applications and mobile game developers to use its costlier in-house payment service, Google Wallet, as the Internet search giant tries to emulate the financial success of Apple Inc's iOS platform, Reuters reports. Android Market, or Google Play as it is now known, is the company's answer to Apple's apps store, where consumers browse and buy or download everything from games and music to individual software or applications. Google wants Google Wallet to be the dominant way that people pay for anything on this platform. Looks like all those who criticized Apple for its 30% cut will have to do the same with Google. Developers using Google Wallet typically have to pay Google a 30 percent cut of revenue from purchases — higher than the cut taken by rival third-party payment services.

Submission + - Google redifining "open," playing favorites (

unassimilatible writes: Oracle's Java infringement case against Google has revealed some startling documents via discovery. Turns out, Android development isn't quite as "open" as Google would lead you to believe. One presentation slide read, "If we gave it away, how can we ensure we get to benefit from it?" and recommends a set of policies that include "Do not develop in the open. Instead, make source code available after innovation is complete." It also appears that Android handset partners have a lot to fear about Google giving its new Motorola business preferential treatment — since Google apparently has already been doing that.

Submission + - SETI to be shut down for lack of funding ( 1

unassimilatible writes: AP reports that SETI is being forced, at least temporarily, to pull the plug. Astronomers at the SETI Institute said a steep drop in state and federal funds has forced the shutdown of the Allen Telescope Array, a powerful tool in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, an effort scientists refer to as SETI.

"There's plenty of cosmic real estate that looks promising," Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the institute, said Tuesday. "We've lost the instrument that's best for zeroing in on these better targets."

The shutdown came just as researchers were preparing to point the radio dishes at a batch of new planets.

Kind of sad, as I still occasionally get e-mails from SETI, a project I first started contributing to in the late 90's with my old Mac PowerPC.


Submission + - Adobe adopts HTTP Live Streaming for iOS

unassimilatible writes: Arstechnica reports that Adobe has capitulated in the iOS-Flash war, and has adopted HTTP live streaming for iOS. HTTP Live Streaming is a protocol that Apple developed to stream live and recorded video using standard HTTP connections instead of the more difficult to optimize RTSP. It uses H.264-encoded video and AAC or MP3 audio packaged into discrete chunks of an MPEG-2 transport stream, along with a .m3u playlist to catalog the files that make up the individual chunks of the stream. QuckTime on both Mac OS X and iOS can play back this format, and it is the only streaming format compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Submission + - Samsung Galaxy Ad Misleads With Fake Interviews (

unassimilatible writes: A Samsung ad campaign for the latest Galaxy Tab is misleading, to say the least. Actors pretending to be real people in fake interviews in a fake magazine misquoting a bad first-gen Galaxy tab review, are exposed — by the actual review writer. Netizens "are having fun pointing out other curious things about the interviews, such as the fact that "leading New York real-estate CEO Joseph Kolinski" raves about the 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab even though the only 8.9-inch Tabs that Samsung itself had on hand at CTIA were non-working models." Kolinski is actually an actor, not a CEO, Jim.

Submission + - Android users hit by malware attacks (

unassimilatible writes: Tens of thousands of users of Android-based smartphones have downloaded applications capable of taking over their phones with malicious software designed to steal data or send expensive messages, security experts have warned, the Financial Times reports.

Google, the Android developer, has removed 55 such applications from its official Android Marketplace after being alerted to them by amateur and professional researchers. Score one for the iPhone?

Submission + - New Video Game Controlled by Kissing (

unassimilatible writes: Artist Hye Yeon Nam has put her video game where her mouth is -" literally — with the creation of a new bowling game that's controlled only by passionate (and awkward) French kissing. The Kiss Controller, as it's so called, has two components: a headset that functions as a sensor receiver and a magnet that provides the sensor input, Time reports. Could this be the first example of technology that Slashdotters will be unable to use, as they likely won't be able to get a controller?

Submission + - Lawyers Using Facebook Research for Jury Selection ( 2

unassimilatible writes: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that trial lawyers are increasingly using social networking sites like Facebook to research jurors in real-time during the voir dire process. Armando Villalobos, the district attorney of Cameron County, Brownsville, Texas, last year equipped his prosecutors with iPads to scan the Web during jury selection. But what of the jurors who have their privacy settings restricted to "friends only?" Mr. Villalobos has thought of a potential workaround: granting members of the jury pool free access to the court's wi-fi network in exchange for temporarily "friending" his office. Faustian bargain, or another way to get out of jury duty?

Submission + - Windows 7 update installs stealth WAT 7

unassimilatible writes: A Windows 7 update released on 9/30, KB2158563, claims to "resolve issues caused by revised daylight saving time and time zone laws in several countries. This update enables your computer to automatically adjust the computer clock on the correct date in 2010." The part not mentioned by Microsoft is that KB2158563 is a Trojan, the stealth payload being a WAT (Windows Activation Technologies) update that sniffs out cracked versions of Windows 7, and declares them not genuine, complete with black screen. Looks like MS is up to its old tricks again.

Submission + - Gates bans family from using Apple products (

unassimilatible writes: In what is likely the first-ever reference to Vogue magazine on Slashdot, Melinda Gates tells the fashion monthly that her husband Bill has banned the use of Apple products in their Washington mansion. Mrs. Gates admits that she is jealous of her friends' iPhones. The Daily Mail also reports on the pettiness.

Submission + - Stimulus Bill May Allow Packet Inspection by ISPs 2

unassimilatible writes: While it has been widely-reported that the nearly $1 trillion "stimulus" bill is chock-full of pork projects which have little or nothing to do with stimulating the economy, some even more insidious things appear to be hidden in it. First, we hear that there may be some Big Brother monitoring of health care. But even scarier is an amendment which made its way into the bill which would allow packet inspection by Internet Service Providers. The amendment was inserted by Hollywood's best friend and Net Neutrality foe, California Senator Diane Feinstein (D). From the amendment: "In establishing obligations under paragraph (8), the assistant secretary shall allow for reasonable network management practices such as deterring unlawful activity, including child pornography and copyright infringement."

Submission + - Michael Meeks: "OO.o is a profoundly sick proj

unassimilatible writes: Michael Meeks, who works full time developing OpenOffice, writes in his blog that the project is "profoundly sick."

In a healthy project we would expect to see a large number of volunteer developers involved, in addition — we would expect to see a large number of peer companies contributing to the common code pool; we do not see this in Indeed, quite the opposite we appear to have the lowest number of active developers on OO.o since records began: 24, this contrasts negatively with Linux's recent low of 160+. Even spun in the most positive way, OO.o is at best stagnating from a development perspective.

What does this say about the open source movement if only 24 developers are working on Microsoft Office's free alternative?

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