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Comment Overpriced gimmick (Score 1) 217

This maul (not an axe) actually looks more prone to glancing off and causing an injury, just look at the head bounce and twist on impact. I've split countless cords of wood a $40 13lb steel maul that is still working just fine after 25 years. This is a gimmick IMHO.

Comment Re:Excellent (Score 1) 1576

They didn't vote for Romney, they voted republican and Romney was the name next to the (R). Even saying that they "voted" is kind of a stretch, it implies a decision with at least some consideration behind it. People have their favorite brands, and for some people that brand is republican.

Saying that someone who didn't vote your way didn't put any thought into it is modded +5, Insightful? Wow

Comment Re:208v? ha! (Score 1) 21

I don't quite understand how they give up energy savings by using a higher input voltage?

You lose efficiency, thus wasting energy, when you convert the 208v AC into the low DC voltages necessary to run the computer. Instead of each computer having a power supply that converts from high AC to low DC some companies are using large AC to DC power supplies to power whole racks of servers. These servers run on DC.

Comment Re:UNacceptable (Score 1) 983

Yet another example of a government agent stomping on the Constitution. What type of country has this become? One where the government can track, monitor, record, and harass citizens, yet citizens can't even record a public event without being treated as terrorists. Just disgusting.

Now they should sue and we can all pay for it with an ever increasing tax burden.

What is disgusting is all the whining on here from people that safely live in peace because other people, police officers, are keeping the ugly at bay. Don't forget about the tens of thousands of decent men and women in police uniform who were NOT abusing their power while this one bozo was doing so.

Comment Re:Hollywood Hackulture (Score 1) 75

Had a typical midwesterner conversation this morning in college.

But it was another conversation with another one of those potential Jerry Springer guests or what the rest of America refers to as "midwesterners"...

I was born, raised, and currently live in Missouri. Not only that but I drive, get this, a 4 wheel drive truck and own a rifle. Somehow, in spite of all that, I was able to read and comprehend your entire rambling post. I must truly be a diamond in the rough out here in the vast wasteland of drooling idiots that exists between Los Angeles and New York City.


Comment Re:Why do you tolerate this? (Score 1) 538

I just don't understand why americans tolerate ISPs enforcing ridiculous caps. From a swedish perspective it seems kind of backwards, I don't really know of any ISPs here that have caps and it really seems like a concept take from the early days of consumer broadband (mid-to-late 90s there were a few swedish ISPs that tried the whole thing with caps but they were pretty much forced into obscurity since most ISPs didn't cap).

I just don't understand why non-americans don't understand the sheer size of my country and the infrastructure limitations that can impose.

Sweden: 450000 square km 9.8 million people
United States: 9830000 square km 308 million people

Comment Re:The world just got a bit nicer. :) (Score 1) 350

2) Being verifiably honest is a competitive advantage.

Maybe in a perfect world it would be. As a former, honest, small business owner I can tell you that the liars and cheaters will make more money. Being honest gained me a very loyal, but small, customer base but the big contracts almost always went to the slick talking snake oil salesmen.

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