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Comment This is stupid. (Score 1) 160

> The email used the professor's real address, and according to Volexity's founder Steven Adair, it's likely that the professor got hacked and the attackers then used his account to send out the phishing emails.

You don't need to access the account to include a SUBJECT header. Whoever wrote that article has no idea about how SMTP works.

Comment Will it be a PITA to use? (Score 1) 285

Will this work out of the box? Because you basically have to go into the server you are accessing it and type some really weird shit on winrm to be able to even run scripts and god forsake you if you want to access the console remotely. Its so fucking annoying that I've met some people who just disable HTTPS and go straight for HTTP with basic authentication.

Comment Re:Look for work you are going to be surplussed so (Score 1) 15

The company went well during our last seasonal period (we sell toys so December is vital). There have been rumors circulating that the company is about the be sold and your description is surprisingly precise although I'm not really worried because as I've stated there are 2 companies right now trying to recruit me.

I'm really thankful for the warning.

Comment Re:This is a crap submission (Score 1) 15

Thanks AC.
1) I didn't thought it was necessary. Its a question after all.
2) Well there are questions on the last paragraph.
3) I've never did that and If that is implied on the text I'm really sorry.
4) I thought slashdot was "the" place for everything IT and Linux. Anyway ITIL stands for "Information Technology Infrastructure Library".
5- Sorry. :(

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Do ITIL hates skilled people? 15

ulzeraj writes: First of all I would like to apologize about the language. I’m not a native english speaker.

I've been working with Linux and in a lower extent Windows setups for 10 years now. During most time of my career I've been involved with IT consulting firms. Last year I've joined a retail store company that was in dire need of someone with good debugging skills. Their team is awfully unskilled and during the course of the year I was able to improve a lot of their network and server systems including automation, backups and restore strategies, complicated image deployment strategies and so on. I've also worked in improving the performance of their database and ERP systems and solved every fucking problem they’ve thrown at my direction including some they didn’t really knew they existed. The company office was a great bazaar and overall fun to work and comfortable to boot because their needs were always simple for someone with my skills so in the end I would always blow their minds with the results. I should note that I never have problem with knowledge sharing and documentation.

But recently the managers were replaced and the new guys don't seem to like me. They are pushing for ITIL doctrine on the IT department (and the whole company afterwards). For starters they keep pushing me administrative tasks that I'm not really fond of like keeping in touch with our suppliers and managing project dependencies so I’ve been spending more time attending meetings and mailing people than typing on a terminal. I've heard somewhere that the cult of ITIL somewhat hates the "hero culture" and people like me are not really healthy for their dogmas and I’m considered a “risk". I feel that even as I have so much that I can do for the company I'll probably be cockblocked by their new "project management" department and whatnot.

As this is happening it seems that people on the IT consulting firms really like my job and there are plenty of oportunities around. I know many slashdoters like me that are more experienced have encountered similar situations. Do ITIL really creative and skilled people? Is my kind doomed to oblivion and I’ll face stuff like this anywhere I go?

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