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Submission + - Independent Report Published on E-Cat Cold Fusion Device 2

ecatfollower writes: Andrea Rossi's cold fusion device was covered on Slashdot before. It uses nickel, hydrogen and a secret catalyst. In contrast to many earlier cold fusion or LENR (low energy nuclear reaction) devices since Fleischmann and Pons in 1989, which worked at very low power levels and showed just marginal excess heat and suffered from difficult reproducability, the e-Cat outputs power at practical levels in the area of hundreds of Watts to kiloWatts, with claimed coefficiencies of performance (COP) of around 6, meaning 6 times as much heat comes out as is put in. Always.

In November, December and March, Rossi allowed a team of researchers and professors from different universities to do independent measurements on his device. The team included professor Giuseppe Levi of the university of Bologna, and Hanno Essén of the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. The report of this independent test has now been published on arXiv (http://arxiv.org/pdf/1305.3913v1.pdf). The team concludes: "Computed volumetric and gravimetric energy densities were found to be far above those of any known chemical source. Even by the most conservative assumptions as to the errors in the measurements, the result is still one order of magnitude greater than conventional energy sources." In other words, they say: it works as advertised.

Comment Re:More than double? (Score 1) 60

In wired Ethernet topologies, going full duplex yields significantly more than double the throughput, since you no longer have collisions, back-offs, and re-sends. The article doesn't elaborate whether their full-duplex wireless would still be multi-access (think WiFi, with many clients on the same AP and same channels) or if each frequency would be carved out for one client and the base-station (in which case you'd see the same gains you did on wired Ethernet).

M point is that while they cite "allow a doubling of network traffic", the reality is even better than that. Full duplex gets you more than double throughput, as well as improved jitter/latency since you no longer have to randomly re-transmit frames (or randomly wait to transmit, as with WiFi collision avoidance).

I may be wrong, but I believe we already have "Full Duplex" in a sense as explained by you by using different frequencies for transmit and receive. The only difference here is now we can use the same frequency for transmit and receive.

Comment Re:No anomalies detected (Score 1) 222

I think it's perfectly possible for an advanced civilization to survive in that energy beam. A an engineer, one way I would approach the problem would be to use this deadly beam as a ultra massive energy resource. With that much energy coming one's way, I'm sure it's possible to create a massive electromagnetic field around the planet that would divert all harmful sub atomic particles. All it would require would be research and economic resources to pull it off.
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Submission + - Consumers Denied Right to Sue

An anonymous reader writes: Slyck.com is reporting that a recent ruling by the Canadian courts suggest that consumers of online stores are being denied the right to sue the stores in the first place. While laws are being put in place in some provinces to over-ride future similar cases, citizens in some provinces will be "left to fend for themselves".

Submission + - 72-year-old's dating site bans short people, gays (blorge.com)

destinyland writes: "There's 14-million registered users on eHarmony — but none of them are gay. A lawsuit filed today charges eHarmony discriminates against same-sex dateseekers. Earlier complaints said the site's algorithm also rejected men who were too short. Will California's law trump the entrepreneur's protocol? The 72-year-old who founded the site is an evangelical Christian with ties to a conservative political group. One lawsuit even charged that they refused services to a man who was "legally separated" from his wife because they were technically still married."
The Internet

Submission + - Ontario Government Blocks Facebook

choongiri writes: "The Government of Ontario has blocked access to Facebook for all government employees. Since Tuesday, any employee trying to access the site has instead received an "access denied" message. According to Government Services Minister Gerry Phillips, "Our IT (information technology) people are pretty broadly familiar with the marketplace and they said, `Here's a website that's going to be increasingly more popular for the OPS (Ontario public service). Is this an appropriate website to be spending time on?'" MySpace has not been blocked."

Submission + - The Great Firewall of Utah (and Banning Open Wi-Fi

njdube writes: The Utah legislature has been considering a proposal that would require the state's ISPs to ensure that minors are unable to access explicit material on the Internet [1] [2]. The scheme would also make open wireless networks illegal (!) unless they are restricted to only allow connections on certain, censored, "community ports".

Giving ISPs the responsibility and incentives to censor a paricular subset of the web is precisely the same architecture that the Chinese Communist Party uses for their "Great Fireall of China". The communists use it to filter news and political information as well as porn — but in neither case is it particularly effective. Users who are either knowledgeable or motivated quickly learn that there are easy ways around these filters.

The absurd Utah proposal has been pushed by the CP80 Foundation, which pedals fanatasies of a world where certain TCP ports (80, for instance) are free of any material that they consider "indecent". The group is fronted by SCO Chairman Ralph Yarro. Yes, that SCO.

The chance that a state or even federal statute could (practically or constitutionally) prevent sexually explicit content from being transmitted through port 80 is approximately zero point zero zero zero percent. The chance that politicians could pass foolish laws that cause needless headaches and court battles for ISPs and users, however, is significantly higher.

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Submission + - Astronomers find potentially habitable planet

Anonymous Coward writes: "For the first time astronomers have discovered a planet outside our solar system that is potentially habitable, with Earth-like temperatures, a find researchers described Tuesday as a big step in the search for "life in the universe." The planet is just the right size, might have water in liquid form, and in galactic terms is relatively nearby at 120 trillion miles away. But the star it closely orbits, known as a "red dwarf," is much smaller, dimmer and cooler than our sun. "It's a significant step on the way to finding possible life in the universe," said University of Geneva astronomer Michel Mayor, one of 11 European scientists on the team that found the planet. "It's a nice discovery. We still have a lot of questions.""

Submission + - Possibly habitable extrasolar planet?

icebrain writes: Astronomers say they may have discovered an extrasolar planet that is habitable for humans — and may even have liquid water.

http://apnews.myway.com/article/20070424/D8ON8OSG0 .html

The new planet, called GL-851c, orbits a red dwarf star a "mere" 20.5 light-years away. Further research is needed to determine if it is actually an Earth-like planet, but it is definitely the best candidate so far.

Submission + - Earth II located, ships to begin boarding soon

Ptahian writes: The first Earth like exoplanet has been located by our European friends at ESO:

The planet was discovered by the European Southern Observatory's telescope in La Silla, Chile, which has a special instrument that splits light to find wobbles in different wave lengths. Those wobbles can reveal the existence of other worlds. What they revealed is a planet circling the red dwarf star, Gliese 581. http://apnews.myway.com/article/20070424/D8ON8OSG0 .html

Investment Companies Backing Patent Trolls 147

greenbird sends us to Forbes for an account of billions in investments flowing to US patent troll companies. One example is DeepNines, who is suing McAfee over a patent that covers combining an IDS and firewall in a single device. The patent was filed on May 17, 2000 and issued on June 6, 2006. No prior art for that, no siree. DeepNines is funded by "an $8 million zero-coupon note to Altitude Capital Partners, a New York City private equity firm, promising in return a cut of any winnings stemming from the lawsuit. The payout is based on a formula that grants Altitude a percentage that decreases with a bigger award."

Submission + - The Rise of Bionic Eyes

An anonymous reader writes: The trick to restoring vision in people blinded by injury or disease may be to bypass the eyes entirely. By establishing a connection between a video device and the part of the brain that receives visual stimuli, researchers have shown that the brain can interpret electronic signals in the same way it interprets light waves. http://sciencenow.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/full/ 2007/424/2

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