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Comment Wrong way to go. (Score 1) 432

If GNOME is having trouble as a desktop environment, one obvious solution is to find new niches. Lopez and Sanchez suggested following KDE's lead and producing a tablet

These guys are complete idiots. GNOME isn't working as what it is, a desktop environment, so let's turn it into something completely different, only with the same name.

That's right, these advertising geniuses would similarly suggest one company drop out of the canned food business to produce "Chef Boyardee Automotive Parts."

If you're going to make something completely different, come up with a different name and a different project. Don't hideously warp something that already exists in order to steal the name recognition and produce something that is "Marketable."

Comment Dust? (Score 1) 74

What about the problem of dust getting inside while changing the screen? Few people have the clean-rooms necessary to get factory-quality results. Sure, it'll take five minutes to change the screen, but it'll take three more hours of repeatedly taking the bezel off, spraying it with a can of air, and putting it back on to remove the inevitable particles getting in.

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