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Comment Re:Three words... (Score 1) 564

I do that - it works well. You can get a very cheap & rugged telephone-only type cell phone that has a charge that lasts for days. You can skimp on a data plan then and save some bux monthly if you want.

I experienced no trauma to my lifestyle in such a move.

Comment Patents, but that's too easy (Score 1) 572

Also the poll asked for "tech" to un-invent. So, how about spyware. I find that even difficult to type given all that would have to change to accomplish that, but the same applies to nuclear weapons, so I'll let myself off the hook.

How that could be un-invented - umm magic I suppose. Maybe sooner innovation of the "app store" type security model, where users are asked if x,y,z are ok to grant to application BadBadThing!(tm). That would have have to happen around the mid nineties, but ummm magic!

Interesting poll.

Comment Not iOS (Score 1, Insightful) 360

Not because it's uninteresting or unmarketable, but because it's got a language and a toolset that are fairly unique to it. Same with doing Android dev. On Android, Java is the easy part, learning the framework take a fair amount of time. This is from my experience, I don't like writing GUI's generally. Take with salt.

Java has a massive market. The Company I Work For, hires nearly anyone that claims java due to our size and semi-standardization on the language. For a quick $ fix, I suggest Java. You experience with older stuff can be used in porting older stuff to java. Fun for all!

Being who I am, I would also suggest you think about taking matters into your own hands long term. Find something that excites you, make it better or innovate something else off of it. Think tiny, supplemental income. Don't attempt to solve world hunger with your little dream thing. If it goes off well, think about how to expand it or do something else more risky. Of course, don't put all your eggs in that basket but hell, having a pipedream is fun if you keep grounded enough!

Just being pragmatic, I have nothing against making apps for iOS : )

Cheers and best wishes,

Comment Re:the potential for hilarity is enormous (Score 2) 98

You rule!

Lets assume they don't just blindly process wants somehow though. This is well beyond their abilities I'm sure, but you could try and figure out what is in a picture automatically. I would HOPE someone has some logic to weigh where the image came from, like a shopping site is a good clue it's useful whereas lolcats is not as useful.

So to solve for that, go to amazon, find a unicorn mask and want it. Now make a shopping site that ties into and want all the lowest margin items, or all the speciality items that no mass retailer regularly has in inventory. Tell your friends / bots! Now, my friend, you have a party.

That's economic terrorism for great yucks, because it's all based around them sucking in the data voluntarily.

Comment Yay! (Score 1, Funny) 98

I, for one, welcome our new (?) datamining overlords.

Come on, this is making it too easy for dataming as a profession. This isn't even mining, this is being handed little golden chunks, the only thing left for facebook to do is to raise it up and gleefully say "Look what I have!"

I know a lot people are really concerned about corporations connecting your consumer/personal dots and figuring out some Deep Secrets, but go look at what google thinks you are interested in (without signing into your google account) and then sign into your google account and look again. It's not all that different - in my case anyway.

Google: I am not into reality shows, when you get around to mining this. xoxox, brian

Comment Re:Universal service. (Score 1) 601

You are correct, we have a geographically vast country and need to spend $ on infrastructure to connect us all.
I'd much rather see a proposal for the tax in terms of 1) Desired outcome 2) Approximate timeline 3) Estimated economic/social impact & 4) the cost of proposal

That way, the tax could have an end point in the future. Sure, we could always do "Phase 2" of said program, eg collecting more taxes

I'm being silly though I know :)

Comment One data point (me) (Score 4, Interesting) 1086

Trig as you already know is great for 3d stuff.

Calc is great for decision logic and business intelligence

Stats are great for business intelligence type work

As someone who did horribly in high school and college math, I did the minimum for my degree. I've retaught myself much of stats and calc because I found them useful in my personal projects. I find them more rewarding now that I have applications to use them in. I was a bad student though early in life. YMMV

Most of the math in the corporate programming world is really elementary. Basic algebra or less.

Comment Re:It's called "Get A Grip!" (Score 1) 1127

Either you don't have kids, or you are an absentee parent. Stability and safety is seriously important to growing humans. Marriage and all the collected social norms of different societies have around relationships can be said to have a evolutionary function. That is, raising stable individuals whom are deemed worthy of procreation by others of their kind.

Also it is quite possible have belief systems different than yours - shocking I know. Wait, why is that shocking?

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