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Comment I started that when Scratch first appeared (Score 1) 218

I used scratch for a while when it first appeared but I abandoned it when I couldn't get some of scratch's features to work properly (some things work in the offline version, but once you upload them and play them from the web site they fail)
Here's my first attempt at a Pacman demo.
I did draw the maze and sprites myself though.

Comment Re:55%, not 110 proof (Score 1) 228

those who purchase the $765 beer probably know what "proof" means.

Perhaps they would, but if they were paying £500 or £700 for a UK brewed beer then they would probably use the UK proof system too. I make it 96.25 proof. It cannot be 100 proof or above as its not alcoholic enough to support the combustion of gunpowder. Simply doubling the ABV has no meaning whatsoever.

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