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Comment digital libraries (Score 1) 134

Since these videos are for educational purposes for students of the university, it seems simple enough to restrict access based on student IDs. Perhaps there is a method to check out online media from the library.

This article (being that it's on UCLA's site) mostly seems like a ploy to gain popular support even though they violated their contract with Video Furnace (who respects copyright law). "We can't provide this free service anymore because of the big bad company we just scammed!" I could not envision a similar article complaining about Coca-Cola refusing to stock vending machines that were being robbed routinely.

Digital libraries are going to face a whole slew of copyright issues over the next century. I imagine this concept of intellectual property will become more and more absurd. If there are any modern librarians out there, I'd love to hear what challenges you face.

Of course by the year 2110, copyright will struggle to adapt to telepathy, but it will be in vain, as no one can stop me from watching Free Willy with my mind. I like the part with the whale.

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