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Comment I don't use my real name. (Score 5, Interesting) 319

I don't use my real name on the internet. This is no small thing, because Facebook will throw you off their network for using a fake name, and while I find facebook to be ubelievably drab and awful, I suffer a penalty in relationships from not being on it, since nearly everybody I know has some kind of presense on Facebook, I'd rather not trust the NSA with my personal information, but since i am not a criminal, the potential negative consequences involved are finite. I could be harassed for my views, though they're not particularly extreme, or falsely accused of a crime, But there are a billion people on the internet, and they've got a billion agendas, and i know from experience that some of them can truly be evil motherfuckers. There's no sense in trying to measure or aniticipate what can happen, what they're going to individually decide or figure out. I'm probably safe. I'm a 55 year old male with not much money. Nobody's going to want to stalk me for anything, but I refuse to participate in this crazy experiment whereby we turn down the privacy settings for civilization, and see who thrives, and who gets hurt. Zuck you, Fuckerberg!

Comment Scoogled (Score 1) 251

They didn't force us to use Google Plus before now, yet they made enough money to fill Scrooge McDuck's swimming pool. They're changing the terms of the arrangement in a way that will make users more vulnerable to everything from trolls to stalkers to idenity thieves, and have Google positioned to take our information in a more comprehensive and intrusive way. All the time they're telling us they're doing it to deal with trolls, but they could have easily allowed us to globally remove offending users from our youtube with a couple of clicks.

As a 55 year old male attic dweller, I'm not worth stalking, and my identity isn't worth stealing, but I feel bound by a sense of community not to bend over for the GOOGLE PhalLUS, Migrating is going to require archiving seven years of Gmail, and about 200 youtube uploads, finding a new blog host and possibly learning some blogging software. I am annoyed, especially when corporate fanboys tell me I have no right to complain because Google didn't charge me moiney for allowing them to put ads on the videos I uploaded that got a third of a million views.

It's important to understand that the Google user isn't the customer. We're the product, which Google sells to advertisers. The advertisers are the cusomer, and they want MOOOOORE INFORMATION. And the customer is always right.

Comment Re:All your accounts are belong to us. (Score 1) 251

"Control" here means that youtube comments don't wind up being posted anywhere but in youtube.

Well, until someone decides to copy them, anyway. Trying to control stuff you post on the public Internet is... optimistic.

If someone wants to copy something that I post, that's fine. I'm talking about my own actions.

In any case, I think you're under some misapprehension that Google+ is somehow distinct from YouTube. YouTube comments aren't "being posted" on Google+. It's the same system.

Whatever that means, YouTube and Google+ are two different websites in the most basic literal sense; they have different urls. By default, if I post a comment on YouTube once, it will now appear twice, at two different addresses, One address begins with The other begins with It's just a default, but it pissed me off.

Comment Re:What is the issue with creating a Google+ accou (Score 1) 251

They're using the nasty, loathsome, combatative aspect of YouTube comments to justify this requirement. Because, real names mean people have to stand behind their comments, yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah. They could have easily given us the means to globally delete objectionable posters from our youtube on an individual basis, but that would have been too simple, and wouldn't have led to very much exploitable personal information.

Comment Re:All your accounts are belong to us. (Score 1) 251

I had my first real experience with Google Plus this weekend, thanks to the new youtube comments policy. Basically, I did a lot of searches for "Fuck Google Plus", and gave a "+1" to everything that came up. I have to admit, it was fun for a couple of days, but then i couldn't think of anything else I wanted to use it for. I hear Google's going to force us to integrate google plus with their services a lot more in the future, so I'm thinking about alternatives to Gmail and Blogger, and youtube, at least as I've known it. Most are going to complain for a while, and then learn to live with live with it, but I'm just too much of a control freak, "Control" here means that youtube comments don't wind up being posted anywhere but in youtube. I don't like when shit happens between websites. I quit Facebook after I absently clicked on a video of "Miley Cyrus shows off new bikini body" in HULU, and Facebook informed everyone I went to high school with. Email, motherfuckers. It's brilliant. You send something, and it goes where you send it.

Comment Re:Does anyone really care any more? (Score 1) 259

I used to use ELive. I had to pay 15 dollars to get a patch to install it to the hard drive, but it was worth it. It was beautifully organized, and highly functional. I don't use it now because it was based on debian stable and I wanted access to newer packages.

I don't really understand Enlightenment, but it's not just eye candy. In the past, it seems to have needed to be given some shape by the user to be truly functioning, and I wasn't able to figure out how to do that.

Comment Re:This is how it should be... (Score 1) 132

How it's going to be, maybe, but surely there are limits to what a govenrment can do to its people's rights and still have it be "the way it ought to be."

Here's the thing: if decisions are made ex parte and in secret, the odds that these decisions will be strictly limited to include only cases of "gambling, child pronography, and copyright infringement" are just about zero per cent.

Comment Bullshit (Score 1) 343

>>Nope -- a "police source" tells the New York Daily News that it "appears that a campaign staffer wiped the hard drives accidentally after mistakenly inserting a Linux system disc into a Windows machine." And accidentally clicking the install button, and accidentally choosing a partition to format, and accidentally clicking the "format" button, and accidentally answering "yes" when asked "are you sure?"

Comment Re:Microsoft provides discounts to Students and Un (Score 1) 229

>>Yes, it does matter if they're exactly the same. If that student doesn't go on to college (at least right away), and wants to get a job in the community that requires computer literacy, they won't be able to say that they have multi-year experience working in a Windows environment.

And if he does, that means that he gets to compete with every other fucking kid in the world.

>Or, if they get sat in front of a computer as part of the interview, and the HR drone sees that they don't know where anything is, that is that.

Well, sure. No one should show up for a Windows-based job interview without familiarizing themselves with the interface. Are you suggesting that requires a computer lab? Couldn't someone who needed it get a look at a Windows-based computer somewhere? I hear they're actually pretty common.

Comment Re:Microsoft provides discounts to Students and Un (Score 1) 229

So, unfortunately, as far as making someone viably employable is concerned, a lab running anything other than Windows (or, MAYBE, OS X) may as well not exist.

Facepalmed so hard, I may have to be treated for a concussion. Linux made Google possible. I mean that literally. No Linux, no Google. Can you imagine if all those thousands of networked PCs all required a separate license? Because of the free as in beer aspect (and the friendliness to old hardware) Knowledge of Linux is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

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