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Comment Neither? (Score 1) 311

I don't go to theaters and I don't really value early access. The movie will be just the same in a few months. If anything, it allows some time for things to shake out, and some sort of opinion on the movie to be established, so when the time comes - I can judge whether it is worth watching.

I did notice that quite a few local theaters shut down in the last several years. The remaining ones lean heavily on 3D.

The one theater that not only did not shut down, but renovated and expanded recently exists solely to screen older movies (those that are out of major theaters recently or, sometimes, much older but popular films) and has really cheap ticket prices ($10 standard price and discounts for some movies/times).

I think ultimately going to the movie *is* about the experience. That experience is more about sitting in a large darkened room in a cushy chair (eating popcorn if that's your thing), than seeing the latest release.

Comment Different business models (Score 1) 216

There is a crucial difference here - all of Spotify users are there for the music, while only a (small) percentage of Youtube users are using it to listen to music. If we take the actual count of users who use Youtube to listen to the music, the royalty per year would be quite a bit more. Of course MPAA is probably next in line for the handout, so Youtube should be careful there.

Comment Pop goes the crapweasel (Score 1) 445

Now that Trump won the election, Assange is no longer needed. Notice how the stream of "revelations" suddenly dried up. He has nothing more to offer, and he probably knows too much.

Now he's a liability. Everyone wants him gone - Trump camp, Clinton camp, the Russians, you name it.

He may expect to be paid back handsomely, but if you ever watched any movies, you know what happens to his character. I suspect he will be disposed off quietly (which, given the kind of crapweasel he proven himself to be, is not going to make many people sad) IMHO

Comment Re:POWAR TO THE PEOPLE! (Score 5, Insightful) 609

The "ruling counsel" (also known as the Congress) can most certainly overturn Obamacare, they are the ones that passed it in the first place.
They can also under certain circumstances impeach the President. That's the purpose of having an elected representative body.

"Direct democracy" is a failed concept, in particular in a current memory-challenged meme-driven social environment. Democracy based on elected parliament seeks to create a balance between current and fluid public opinion and the need to maintain a meaningful course in governing.

IMHO, referendum is not a valid political tool and should not ever be used.

Comment Optimized storage (Score 1) 202

Please tell me "optimized storage" can be turned off wholesale. If there is one thing I definitely don't need it's a "whole bunch" more of background processes uploading random files to the remote server and deleting them from my local drive. I will manage what I store and where, thank you very much.

I guess I am sounding like an old fart I am, but MacOS is going too far in dumbing it down.

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