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Comment Re:Ah, the consequences of closed-source (Score 1) 136

Serious journalists stopped using Skype around the time of Arab spring, I always took this to mean it had already been easily broken. Think about it this way, if you control the network that's one thing, if you control the isp that's another level with lots of options but now if you control the entire countries infrastructures that is a completely different ball game. I wonder how well blackberry runs in Russia.

Comment Re:Anyone else noticing the CPU situation? (Score 1) 827

It's always been a prestige model and, secondarily, a testbed for miniaturization of components. I'm kind of impressed at the all-Flash storage, actually.

Your right, but this design comes to market and its already slightly jaded. 64Gb ssd, Nvidia 330m. Sort of reminds me of the first EEEpcs. However as a 'new' product it sits quite well between the ipad and the macbook but I'm willing to bet it will be silently updated when OS X 10.Lion is released during summer. Probably using Intel's new sandy bridges or (hopefully) AMD fusion.

Comment Or.. (Score 1) 606

Try going to a local computer supplier, or a good local computer shop, and order a few 100 as a trial. It'll at least cut your dell costs, and at worst you'll be stuck maintaining a few 100 instead of a 1000. And any computer store worth their salt, would offer you a good rate on a few 100 - especially if your willing to do it 20-50 computers at a time. Which might make sense, if your upgrading a team at a time.

Comment The nature of science today... (Score 1) 479

Science fiction usually explores ideas and themes that are within the realm of current theoretical science, like time machines or nanotechnology.This was great fodder for sci fi writers, but today there simply isn't as of many 'new' revolutionary ideas in science. Most new scienctific discoveries and theories don't lend themselves as the main concept or premise of a story. They simply are not as remarkable or seemingly supernatural to the lay or nerdy crowd. I hope its just my own naïveté, but I fear science is just less theatrical nowdays. Also I say we blame the internet, people who like or would have liked sci fi are just too well informed. Classic SciFi always has science/techology be of equal dramatic force to the social/character driven drama, such equality is just too hard with the nature of science today...

Comment Re:Only fair (Score 2, Interesting) 267

It developed a very nice wifi solution, in something like 6months and they did it as pure research. Do you need more legitimacy ?
The money they've (imho) rightly got will go back into pure research. To develop idea and theories now, that will be hopefully as useful as wifi. You don't want useful things?
As an Australian citizen don't you think I want my research organisation to be given its due?
Everyone had access to there results as they published it, I can only find an 18page patent "Wireless LAN John D. O'Sullivan et al". I'd hazard a guess there has been a dozen more journal articles as well, just like any other important research - that was publicly funded.

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