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The Courts

Submission + - TPB disconnected from internet

uffe_nordholm writes: On Friday a court in Stockholm (Sweden) decided that Black Internet, a company selling transfer capacity to TPB (The pirate Bay), is to cut TPB off internet. Although they are not the only provider, they are the major one, so TPB is essentially unreachable.

The decision comes after MPAA and several record companies, via their respective lawyers, asked for an injuction to stop TPB from continuing their actions. This in turn was due to a statement from Peter Sunde, after the original TPB trial, that TPB would continue as if nothing had happened.

From the article linked to below:

Black Internet have chosen to follow the court order without fighting it. CEO Victor Möller emphasises that the company has neither time nor money to enter the infected battle over copyright and pirate copying.

It is important to remember, when discussing this matter, that the original sentence of one year in prison and SEK30M in damages has not yet gained legal force since it has been appealed.

The article about this news: http://www.idg.se/2.1085/1.242518/pirate-bay-borta-fran-natet
Earlier article, describing the background: http://www.idg.se/2.1085/1.230811/skivbolag-kraver-vite-av-operator
(Sorry, all links lead to articles in Swedish).


Submission + - The "embassy email hacker" questioned by p (www.idg.se)

uffe_nordholm writes: The "embassy email hacker" has been held for questioning by Swedish police. The article (http://www.idg.se/2.1085/1.130629 , in Swedish) goes on to say that he has had several computers seized by the police, that Sweden has been under pressure from other countries and that D.E. himself should avoid traveling to various (unnamed) countries in the future.

For those that missed the 'original' story: D.E.(1) published a list of server names, login-IDs and passwords to 100 email accounts belonging (mostly) to embassies around the world. This created a bit of noise, and apparently Iran (!) is the only country to want to work with D.E. (after D.E. offered to help everybody concerned) in solving their security problems.

Personal comments about the current story:
Let me see if I get this right: D.E. sets up a computer and connects it to both internet and TOR. He keeps local copies of the traffic flowing through his computer. When people find out that their security is pathetically bad they get upset and apply pressure to bring D.E. to court? In what way are his actions "computer intrusion"? I grant that people using TOR might not like D.E. keeping copies of their traffic, but he is not the one putting the traffic on TOR in the first place!

(1): His official website is www.derangedsecurity.com, but it's contents seem to have vanished after the questioning by police. I checked the site only this morning, and there was the usual content.

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