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Comment DRM is a negative feedback loop (Score 1) 280

DRM licensing and implementation increase production cost. The increase is compensated by taxing customers with higher prices. As prices rise, the incentive to purchase is lessened and the reality of copying and free distribution becomes more pronounced. A practically infinite supply of ebooks can only be adequately priced by experimenting within markets. The tangible goods approach to electronic markets is flawed at inception, as it ignores reality and attempts to contain a force much greater than itself. Imagine flying water into the sun to inhibit global warming.

Comment contrariwise (Score 1) 377

perhaps the 'surge' in piracy is related to general economic woes? blaming piracy for lost money is baseless speculation. there is no basis for determining what a person would or would not buy simply because they pirate it, and playing a game in itself does not mean that a person would have purchased it. imagine if in the nes days when you bought a cartridge it would only be playable on the nes with a serial number programmed into the cartridge! then suddenly it costs money to buy the game AND to pay for the technology and labor behind ensuring that game only works on that cartridge. games are becoming more expensive not because of piracy, but because of speculative fiction being held as truth. that's not good business management. that's like investing in books because you think authors create reality after reading 'the number of the beast' by robert heinlein.

Comment these articles and responses make me cringe (Score 2, Insightful) 337

a lot of people unintentionally apply intentionality to evolution. also, just because we are capable of recognizing a more efficient development cycle or design of any given 'naturally' occurring life form does not mean that the efficient conception should have occurred. that's like saying that because we can watch mike tyson lose his edge we can say that it makes no sense that he still boxes. can he still stand? can he still swing his arms? when he swings his arms do people still get knocked out? if so, he has some survivability as a boxer. if not, he does not, and will fail as a boxer. things don't simply instantly disappear when it has been revealed that their methods aren't totally efficient.

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