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Comment Canada would be a very good choice! (Score 3, Informative) 1359

I would recommend you to go to Montreal, Quebec, Canada... you would love it for sure, as for privacy, services and so on... you will have everything you wish for!!! Privacy is one of the top sensitive subject here, even inter-governmental institution doesn't share personal information on citizen... If there's camera on some street, they aren't allowed to record anything... Here you have nature minutes away, beautiful women on every corner and lots of entertainment... Most of all, you won't find a city offering that much for that cheap!

Comment Re:I'll go ahead and say it (Score 2, Interesting) 925

With respect to everything everybody is saying, I'm Canadian, more of a Quebecers, but anyway. Even If sometimes you may have more specialized healthcare available to whom's willing to pay. I assure you, being 30 and have been sick like hell lately, I'm happy I didn't had to pay a Pennie for the millions bucks worth of care I received over the last 2 years. Yes some people may complaint, but most of those who complain are those who because of just a sneeze wants a doctor checking their temperature every minutes because it's free... And if you are worried about those who don't work and aren't willing to pay for them, stop worrying, it's nothing compare to the satisfaction of having nothing to care about if you are ill or not... Even better, BTW, if you score a good job, you will have insurance that will pay for private clinics so you can get your results faster, in 2 days instead of 5, or in 24hrs instead of a day. But the results will be less exhaustive than the free one!!! WOW! And your benefit, I should tell you that there's a bunch of researchers in Canada, that would disagree with you! We design a lot of pills and do a lot of research, and historically I think we have a lot of innovation on our hands, sure it's all American companies, but, It's all Canadian brain into it, yep!

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