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Comment Re: "if you have been looking for a new Chromebook (Score 1) 109

I know it runs contrary to the design/intent of the Chromebook OS, but even something like a Downloads folder being missing messes with my workflow. I use the folder as basically a to-review-later folder. I know I could use Paper or something similar but it's not my current workflow. And, I'm old. ;)

Comment Re:"if you have been looking for a new Chromebook" (Score 1) 109

I picked up the R13 and it was quite nice. TBH, nicer than I expected; first time hands-on with a Chromebook. I was contemplating giving my wife my MacBook Air, which I pretty much just use for surfing and using the CB instead, and desktop for real work. But the CB just didn't do it for me. Even with a different workflow I couldn't get past the lack of the Finder - which admitted isn't the best but it's a desktop and folder structure. I'm old and it's what I'm used to.

Comment Free, alternative options (Score 2) 60

A lot of public libraries offer free audio-book programs (TBH, haven't used them. I can't concentrate on things long enough to get anything from an audio book). For example, the Los Angeles public library has deals with OverDrive, OneClickDigital, and Hoola.

Again, I can't vouch for whether their new releases or even good books, but the programs are there.

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