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Comment Free, alternative options (Score 2) 60

A lot of public libraries offer free audio-book programs (TBH, haven't used them. I can't concentrate on things long enough to get anything from an audio book). For example, the Los Angeles public library has deals with OverDrive, OneClickDigital, and Hoola.

Again, I can't vouch for whether their new releases or even good books, but the programs are there.

Comment Re:Cost of Living Tradeoffs (Score 3, Funny) 163

> the execs are full of ego and can do no wrong.

I remember one dot-com where I was GM. We were waiting for a meeting to start when the CEO came in and sat down. A minute later the CFO came in and sat down next to him. Finally the CTO came in and sat down next to the CFO. Our lead engineer turns to me and says, "And so, the cluster forms." Funniest damn thing I had heard all day.

Comment Burn? (Score 2) 293

> you'll find that it's just a non-stop stream of burns ... "You might not have a problem with the texting & driving...but we do."

Oh, snap! Harsh!

Regardless, I agree with the sentiment. Each time you're stopped the punishment so double. First time $200, second $400, etc. with no cap. Will it stop the problem? Not entirely. But it'll get awfully expensive for the asshats who insist of sharing whatever the hell it is they're texting.

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