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Comment Different sorts for different situations (Score 1) 268

I have a two-hour drive to drop the kids off at school and with the exception of during Friday's commute when what my six-year-old calls "the guessing game" is on (NPR's "Ask Me Another") we have podcasts on. I spent some time finding kid-friendly ones and settled on a few:

* The Video Game Generations
* Geek-to-Geek
* Citizens of Tech
* Super Best Friends Video Game Sleepover

Note, by kid-friendly I mean free of profanity and that reference things that the kids recognize (primarily video games we all play together).

After I drop them off I have others:
* Echo Screen Live
* Current Geek
* About half-a-dozen others

I agree with other posters: The medium should really depend on the intended goal. I don't know if sites like I Fix It have videos because I've never looked. The illustrated walk through's are perfect. If I want to get an idea of how a board game plays, I'm not interested in reading a review, I check out Wil Wheaton's Tabletop. I tried an audio book once, for Les Miserables. Couldn't stand it. Got off my lazy butt and read the book.

Again, the situation (usually) dictates the medium. At least for me. YMMV.

Comment Re: "if you have been looking for a new Chromebook (Score 1) 109

I know it runs contrary to the design/intent of the Chromebook OS, but even something like a Downloads folder being missing messes with my workflow. I use the folder as basically a to-review-later folder. I know I could use Paper or something similar but it's not my current workflow. And, I'm old. ;)

Comment Re:"if you have been looking for a new Chromebook" (Score 1) 109

I picked up the R13 and it was quite nice. TBH, nicer than I expected; first time hands-on with a Chromebook. I was contemplating giving my wife my MacBook Air, which I pretty much just use for surfing and using the CB instead, and desktop for real work. But the CB just didn't do it for me. Even with a different workflow I couldn't get past the lack of the Finder - which admitted isn't the best but it's a desktop and folder structure. I'm old and it's what I'm used to.

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