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Comment Re:Like what? (Score 4, Funny) 444

Fringe ignores word 'science' in SF :P

I wish that's all Fringe did. Unfortunately, the writers of Fringe kidnapped, beat, and sodomized science in front of it's own children. Then, when done, gave each other high-fives for doing such a great job.

It's like they have some kind of scientific buzzword dartboard in their office that they use to write the jargon that their characters use.

Comment Bank of America is partway there (Score 1) 208

For a time, Bank of America's main page was http://, even though you entered your account information into a secure form. Some people raised a stink and they changed it. Before that occurred, I decided to use one of NoScript's features to force the entire domain to use https://.

For a while it worked great until a few months later when I signed up for another service on their website that monitored your credit report activity. For about a week, every time I clicked on the link to take me to the login page for that service, I would get a page that told me the link was broken. After calling customer support a few times to see if the site was functional, I realized that the redirect script/server didn't support https, and that I was getting a dead redirect as a result.

I think forcing https on domains is a good idea, but it can be easily undermined by one link in the chain not playing nice.

Comment Maybe it's just me (Score 1) 299

I don't know about other people, but I really don't care if someone hacks or guesses my forum password. There is virtually no damage they can do. It's not as if they can get my credit card number, or even my real email address from my account information. The worst thing they could do it post goatse pictures all over the place and get me banned. It's for this reason that I don't spend much, if any, time creating a robust or unique password for forum sites. Same goes for myspace, facebook, or any other random website that requires a login for no good reason (I'm looking at you,

When someone hacks the FBI network and posts all their passwords and finds the same pattern, give me a call and I'll freak out along with you. Trivial web sites are going to beget trivial passwords.

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