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Comment Re:I don't use Facebook mobile (Score 1) 189

I should have been more specific. I don't install apps that require network access which have access to contacts and SMS unless I see the source.
You can install your own trusted dialer app or better yet, build and install the OS. I have all network access firewalled by default just in case I miss something.

Comment Re:Exodus (Score 2) 692

Just wow. Have you thought that what you are mistaken for lazy, things like not asking for a raise of more hours has nothing at all to do with being lazy but everything to do with self confidence. What about those who just don't value money as much as you do? I know a few people that are far from lazy but they have chosen jobs that pay minimum because that's what they love doing. You are pretty arrogant to think that everyone making a shitty wage is inferior to you.

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