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Comment Re:"while not intended for production" (Score 1) 167

During peak there would be the possibly of carpooling effectively creating a privatized transportation system. Those that don't want to carpool could pay a much higher cost. Also not everyone is on the road at the same time during rush "hour". Where I'm at it rush at around 6:30 am and runs till 9:30 am and starts again at 3:30 pm and runs till 6:30 pm. If you assume a half hour commute and two riders per vehicle you could potentially cut the number of vehicles used in the morning by a factory of 12. Probably a bit less since the vehicles will have to pick people up at two different locations and drop off as well as driving between rides, so I'll round down and say you can decrease the vehicles used by a factor of 10. So now you have a vehicle that before would only be used by one person is now being shared by 10. Even if you assume a 200% markup on costs you will still see a decrease in costs for the consumer by a little over a factor of 5. I say a little over because now you don't have to worry about parking.

Comment Re:"while not intended for production" (Score 1) 167

Cars are expensive and spend a lot of their time parked. There are already companies like zipcar, which have memberships where people can use the vehicles and for many it's more reasonable than owning their own. If a company would take over both the civil and criminal liability associated with an autonomous car driving me around and let the passengers sleep/whatever I would line right up for a membership. I'd even pay to 300-400 a month for it too.

Comment Re:Solution? (Score 1) 1042

I think this was aimed mostly at families with more than one car. Lets say one car is a smaller car that gets 33 mpg and the other is a large truck that gets 10 mpg. If they are both driven the same distance it would be better for that family to get a new truck that gets 20 mpg than it would be for them to replace their 33 mpg car with a 50 mpg car. (that is assuming though that they need both a truck and a car. In a lot of rural areas having a truck to haul stuff is very handy.)

Comment Re:Shared offices (Score 1) 520

I actually know of a tech company that does this. I'm only a student so I don't know much about this, but I had a tour of a company's headquarters outside Madison, Wi and it wasn't bad at all. They took the approach that to get the most out of every developer each developer needed his/her own office (with a door that closes)...and they didn't have a dress code either.

Comment Re:Just a thought (Score 0) 149

i think what he is trying to say is "what if there was no star in the system?" as in the center of mass would be a large planet like jupiter or maybe a black hole. We would have no way of detecting these unless they some how blocked/warped the light of other known stars

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