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The Internet

Submission + - Internet communications while at sea?

ubergamer1337 writes: "Next semester I will be participating in a college study abroad program known as Semester at Sea. The gist of it is that over four months 600ish students sail around the world on a converted cruise ship, visiting diverse port cities while taking classes when we are between ports. Debates about its educational merit aside, my internet options while I will be at sea will be severely limited. We get just 100 minutes of internet access for the entire voyage, and once thats gone the only internet access we have is a university email address, which is limited to messages under a megabyte with no attachments. I have been pondering different ways to staying in contact with friends and family back at home without running to an internet cafe in every port, and I have already decided that I want to set up a blog that can be updated by email, but I wanted to ask the collective wisdom of Slashdot if anyone knows of any other ways to transmit more then just your standard message through email. Some things I would be particularity interested in being able to figure out would be a way to send photos (encode them as text?), and a way to get wikipedia pages etc. emailed to me."

Submission + - Woman's advocacy group supressing black vote?

ubergamer1337 writes: "Wired has an article dealing with complaints to the Raleigh News and Observer in North Carolina that mysterious calls are being received in predominantly black districts telling voters they have yet to register, despite the fact that many of the recipients already have. From the article:
"The Institute for Southern Studies, a Durham, North Carolina nonprofit, investigated the mysterious calls and traced them to Women's Voices, Women's Vote, a nonpartisan group dedicated to "improving unmarried women's participation in the electorate and policy process," according to the group's website. The organization has not endorsed a candidate.

"The Institute for Southern Studies notes that North Carolina isn't the only state in which Women's Voices, Women's Vote has caused a ruckus among voters and election officials, and that many of its officials have connections with Hillary Clinton, either by having worked in President Bill Clinton's administration or through campaign donations.""
Media (Apple)

Submission + - EMI Music offering DRM-less downloads

ubergamer1337 writes: EMI, the third largest recording company in the world, will be offering higher fidelity tracks unencumbered by DRM. The catch, however, is that they will cost 30 cents more. From the article: "Today, EMI is taking the next big step forward in the digital music revolution," said Mr. Jobs, whose online music store has more than 70 percent of the market for downloaded music. "This is something that will become very popular." Analysts largely agreed. "This move will send shockwaves through the music industry," said Mark Mulligan, a London analyst at the research firm Jupiter.

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