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Comment Re:Missing Option (Score 1) 303

I'm Cowboy Neal and I only write comments like this:

/* an integer for symbol A */ int A;

/* a double for pi */ double pi = 3.1;

/* set A equal to pi */ /* need to type-cast to avoid the warning */ A = (int)pi;

I don't know which I like better about this. The one liner comments using /**/, the self-explanatory nature of the comments, or the fact that I've actually felt like I had to do comments just like these for co-workers that were going to follow up with my code....

Comment What is a personal domain? (Score 2, Informative) 286

I think you should ask what a personal domain actually is. In my opinion, it's a website about YOU. Not just who you are, but also your interest, hobbies, likes and dislikes. When someone goes to, they are intentionally interested in YOU.

Boiling it down to what you asked, I think the question then becomes "What do I want to share with the world?" And it is truly the world. As you've said, you don't want too much personal information out there, but a website about you doesn't have to be just the facts about you.

I've thought about this recently for my own site. I don't care to be a blogger either. Here are some things I can think of that might spur on your creativity:
1) Articles - write articles on things you like. These aren't blog entries per say, although they could be. But if you find yourself interested in some topic, and would like to write your ideas down, an article could be a good avenue for that.
2) Works/Portfolio - if you have a hobby or career involving something that you can show off or demo, put it up there. If you are a photobug, put your favorites pics up, or if you craft things out of wood, take pictures and put them on your site, etc, etc. Find out what you like to do and/or are good at and share it with us!
3) Personal Photos/Videos - photos and videos say a lot, but they don't necessarily give away your information. Pictures of yourself, friends, family, co-workers, places you go, things you eat. Anything.
4) Resume - an easy one. Could also expand it to include links to companies you've worked for previously or links to works you've done.
5) Profit!! - Hope you enjoyed that oblig. slashdotters. Ok, snap out of it, this isn't a step-by-step thing. But seriously though, if you have a lot of junk in your house you need to get rid of, you could use your site as real estate for selling things. Not really a long term idea -you might run out of stuff to sell- but it could work.

Remember what web pages are: text, images, videos, sounds, colors, interactive media.
Take what you like to do and want to share and apply it over those mediums.
It's a personal domain, so make a personal site! When I go to, I want to know about YOU!

Hope I helped.
The Almighty Buck

Big Box Store Reps Push Unnecessary Recovery Discs 380

Ed Albro, PC World writes "At PC World, we've got a story today on salespeople at Best Buy and Circuit City pushing consumers to pay the stores' technicians to create recovery discs for their new laptops. Recovery discs are important to have, of course, but the fact is that they're easy to make yourself. Or you can get them from the manufacturer of your PC, often for half of what Best Buy and Circuit City charge you. The salespeople often tell you that you can buy from the manufacturer — but they claim you'll pay twice as much as the stores charge."

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