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Submission + - Optimizing Linux Systems for Solid State Disks (thunk.org)

tytso writes: "I've recently started exploring ways of configuring Solid State Disks (SSD's) so they work most efficiently in Linux. In particular, Intel's new 80GB X25-M, which has fallen down to a street price of around $400 and thus within my toy budget. It turns out that the Linux Storage Stack isn't set up well to align partitions and filesystems for use with SSD's, RAID systems, and 4k sector disks. There are also some interesting configuration and tuning that we need to do to avoid potential fragmentation problems with the current generation of Intel SSD's. I've figured out ways of addressing some of these issues, but it's clear that more work is needed to make this easy for mere mortals to efficiently use next generation storage devices with Linux."

Submission + - An Ethical Question Regarding Ebooks (thunk.org)

tytso writes: "Suppose there is a book that you want to read on your ebook reader, but it is out of print (so even if you purchase the dead-tree version of the book used, the author won't receive any royalties) and the publisher has refused to make it available as an ebook. You can buy it from Amazon as a used book, but that isn't your preferred medium. It is available on the internet as a pirated etext, however. This blog post outlines a few possibilities, and then asks the questions, ``What is the right thing to do? And why?'' I'm also curious if the answers change depending on whether you are a Baby Boomer, or a Gen X, Gen Y, etc. — I've noticed that attitudes around copyright seem to change depending on whether someone is a college student or a recent college graduate, versus someone who can remember a time when the Internet did not exist."
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Submission + - Hans Reiser puts Namesys up for sale

Theodore Ts'o writes: "Looks like Hans Reiser may be putting his company for sale. The article suggests this is because Hans needs to raise funds for his legal defense, but I suspect it may also be because Hans, as CEO of a small company, was also the primary salesperson and dealmaker for the company, and without someone to get grants from the Federal Government and try to get sales from new customers, there won't be any new revenue coming into the Namesys company. Although the circumstantial evidence (at least as the case has been tried in the media) is pretty suggestive, he may very well be innocent; that's for the courts to decide. But if he is indeed innocent, it's really going to suck that he's been held without bail for months now, and he may end up losing his company. Even though I've been critical of his creative use of benchmarks in the past, I do have to feel sorry for him."

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