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Comment Re:Big Whoop. (Score 1) 87

The first space station was designed by private industry (what, you thought NASA did its own design work?).

Apollo and Shuttle, which provided transport to Skylab and ISS, were designed by private industry.

And the only reason taxpayers are footing the bill for rockets to ISS is that NASA is the one that wants supplies sent up there. And can't do it on its own, since it has no spacecraft capable of reaching ISS.

Go buy this book and stop spouting crap you know nothing about: ``This New Ocean: The story of the First Space Race,'' by William E. Burrows. You'll learn a lot.

Comment Re:Let's be clear what this actually is, NOT OpenS (Score 1) 379

So? Apple was smart enough to move off of OpenSSL and started telling developers to do so in 2007. iOS doesn't support it. Apple's new frameworks are the reason OS X and iOS are not susceptible to this, unless someone intentionally installs OpenSSL from Ports or other 3rd party add-ons which applications installed require using it. I'm thinking FreeBSD will be modeling OS X's solution sooner, rather than later.

Comment Cilk Extensions and Clang (Score 1) 196

Why in the hell are you testing Clang with either Cilk or OpenMP when neither have moved into mainline trunk of LLVM/Clang? This test is as worthless as Phoronix's test suite on benchmarking apps that require OpenMP and they note that Clang takes it in the shorts because it presently doesn't have OpenMP implemented. Complete waste of time.

Comment Re:It failed because they went with the lowest bid (Score 1) 307

Most people have no background in Engineering Economics which has long shown the best of breed solution has the highest up front cost, with the lowest long-term costs, due to having the lowest MAINTENANCE costs. Roadways are a great example of how low bid doesn't improve the infrastructure. Best of breed is the only solution.

Comment Re:It's a long walk! (Score 1) 257

WIth a diameter of about 1/3 of a mile a collaborator will need to walk about 1/2 mile for a face to face in the other's office on the opposite side of the ring. Good exercise but perhaps a waste of time.

And where's the write ring?

Collaboration isn't spread across buildings in Infinite Loop. Each section will be specifically designed to provide for a collaborative work flow. You don't put some Engineering here, some design there, etc.

Comment Re:Java already had closures (Score 1) 577

That entirely misses the point. The conciseness is the entire point.

If I have a list of strings, and want to append ".txt" to each, using a for loop is just one more annoying piece of COBOLesque boilerplate.

fileNames = names.Map(n => n + ".txt");

That's what you want.

docFileNames = names.Where(n => n.StartsWith("Doc")).Map(n => n + ".txt");

You can understand what that does even though I just make up the methods. That's the damn point.

In short, you want the for loop to be done behind the scenes without you writing the code and just referencing a method to call that loop?

Comment Re:PR Spin (Score 1) 201

Show me where Apple have crossed the ethical lines ?

- using what practically amounts to slave labor at Foxconn - dodging taxes by claiming residence in ireland - suing everyone and their moms with bullshit claims and patents - false advertising (it should be named the Idiot Bar, not the Genius Bar) - overpricing all their stuff - suing everyone making compatible hardware into bankruptcy - putting in a clause into OSX's license prohibiting using it on anything but official Apple hardware

Legal on all counts. The taxes is par for the entire course of all corporations and non-profits, if legally available to them. The rest of your stuff is hilarious, especially the Design Patents for clone hardware and OS X only on Apple hardware.

Comment Re:So let me get this straight... (Score 1) 218

...b-but, you get to set your lock screen wallpaper now! The GNOME developers are allowing unchecked and rampant levels of freedom never before seen (in GNOME 3). Seriously, you know you're fucked up when you're touting something that's existed since Windows 98 is getting touted as a feature:

Seriously, what's fucked is Qt moving to WebKit Blink and GNOME wisely sticking to WebKit 2 means 2 sets of WebKit running around seeing as most of us have both DE on Linux/FreeBSD [KDE 4.10.x/GNOME 3.8.x Debian].

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